Unleash your website’s full potential by reviewing the following analysis of your business’ website presence.


This report should act as a guide on how to improve your current digital presence, you will see comments on your website, digital marketing and social media management.


Let’s jump in!


Your Website: AGE

The website’s copyright is dated correctly, with 2022 clearly marked, however, the design itself is rather dated.

Judging from the design, layout and chosen navigations, this website is a few years old when in fact the website is 1 year old.

We usually recommend redesigning every three or four years to ensure your site is contemporary and has a competitive edge.


The website is easy to navigate and has a clean feel.

Colours used clearly link to the brand and separate each section effectively, making it very easy for the user to navigate and find the relevant service or piece of information.

A concern could be the use of a one-page webpage with anchored buttons. Whilst having all the relevant information on one page may seem efficient, it can be difficult to understand for your audience and actually make your business look small-scale.

Dividing your content into smaller pages can make the information easier to digest as well as give an opportunity for you to display your copy with a more design lead approach – this would give your business a contemporary edge and make you stand out from your competitors.


Your website responds well when displayed on a range of different devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop and there are no major issues when it comes to layouts and information display.

On the other hand, the menu navigation when looked at on a mobile device is clunky and hard to use.

Due to the amount of content on one page, the webpage is very long and this risks users not reaching the relevant information and clicking off the site.


The logo works well at the top of the page and acts as a key feature of the header, however, the icon could be used more effectively within this section to give it further purpose.

In terms of branding within the page itself, the brand colours are used effectively throughout and divide the page well but when it comes to the imagery, these could be replaced with original imagery to add reputability and scale the business.


The website is text heavy and could be summarised to ensure only the most relevant information is included.

The tone of copy included is formal yet friendly and approachable, perfect for a diverse target customer and suitable for purpose.

Suggested Functionality

Blog: You have a blog functionality which is not currently being used. Regularly updating your blog is a great way to not only educate your customer but also aids your website in achieving higher rankings on Google or other search engines in terms of SEO.

Socials: Another effective function would be to include a social media feed on one of your pages as this will help update visitors, promote social channels and is good for SEO.

Pages: in order to aid traffic retention, it would be great to divide your content into pages so they are easier to consume.

SEO Performance

Your site is performing well, achieving 72/100 on SEOSiteCheckup, however, we’d recommend that your site should be above 85/100.

There are multiple amends which could be made in order to improve performance further such as ensuring you have set keywords that are used in the meta tag or title tag.

Some of the suggested keywords are:

  • Accountants Newcastle
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Payroll Newcastle

Google Ads

You are currently not running any Google Ads.


Hosting and Support

WordPress and a number of plugins are out of date. Out-of-date software is the most common cause of website hacks. We would recommend a developer updates plugins, as updating can cause the website to break.

We currently do not host your website and offer ad-hoc support when this is required.

Social Media

Platforms / Followers
Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn / 366 total followers

Posting frequency
Your posting frequency across Facebook, Twitter and Linked In is low, with the last post dated 28th of March 2022.

We would recommend regular posting across your platforms as this is not only good for your SEO rankings, but also ensures your clients are educated and aware of the businesses you offer.
platforms such as Instagram.


Copy content needs to be informative and read well. It’s extremely important that this is easily digestible and eyecatching for your followers. Remember, it only takes 1 second for someone to form an opinion.

Account branding
Logos are used throughout, however, on platforms that offer an account banner. you should be using your logo as your account profile picture and use the banner as free-ad space as this is the most prominent area of your account.


Whilst still effective, the design of the website is showing signs of ageing. A redesign could take the website from a 6-7 out of 10 to a 9-10 through a refreshed look and great interactivity, which would be better tailored to the client base. You hold a lot of good copy on your one-page website, however, dividing this into relevant subpages would make this information easier to navigate and understand.

Ensure your blog is up to date with relevant content to support for SEO performance.

Branding could be sharpened through the development of imagery and content for use on the website and social media.

We would recommend a security audit to update software and reduce the risk of website hacks.