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I recently started my esthetics practice and wanted to have a stunningly beautiful yet intuitive website to correspond to my esthetics work and myself as a personality.

I started looking for highly reputable web designers in Newcastle and in London. I selected them on the sites they had already done. I wanted the best for my new business without compromise and finally reached out to Sleeky. They impressed me with their beautiful websites that they had already made in their portfolio. I immediately contacted them and we started working on my project. The work was extremely fruitful, we were in contact almost every day. A few weeks later, they were able to turn my imagination into a real website that is a true masterpiece of art. Extremely beautiful, elegant and easy to navigate site.

There is no other analogue. Immediately after the launch of the website, my clients as well as new ones started doing bookings and paying in advance through the website as it is e-commerce which greatly supports and facilitates my new business. The site that Sleeky made for me has been one of the greatest assets to my business. I highly appreciate the work of the team and highly recommend it.

They are indeed the best web designers and developers I have ever seen.

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Dr Tanov Aesthetics

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