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If you had video recorded mine and Jenny’s response when opening the Concept 1, you would have been able to use it for your marketing, because it genuinely surpasses every single expectation I ever had.

I screamed with excitement, and needed to focus on my breathing to help calm me down at how utterly incredible it is. My obsessions in life are the brain, flowers, and insects – never have I seen these three together in such a beautiful way, and to me, it is a piece of art that has been created. I could never have imagined anything so spectacular. Genuinely it is incredible.

I will go back through it when I have calmed down, and try to process it more logically, but for now I am in love with it – and so is Jenny.


We absolutely loved the work commissioned, and think the outcome is spectacular. I think you’ll have so many other healthcare providers coming to you. The feedback thus far “so calming, so modern, so uniquePeople genuinely love it and I no longer feel ashamed to share the link!

Sure we will commission many more pieces of work.

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