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It all starts with a phone call or email from you to us. We'll talk about your reasons for wanting a website, and what you hope to gain from it's development. We'll go over all your options, cutting through the jargon and making sure you know exactly what you want from your project. If you can make it to us, we'll furnish you with hot drinks and talk you through various stages of the process, what things mean and do and examples of what we have done in the past – all with the help of our selection of devices and screens.



Once we've agreed on your project's main aims and overall direction, we'll ask you to fill in a brief for us. This short questionnaire, combined with our initial conversation, gives us all the information we need about you, your business, your market and your competitors. We also ask at this point for a 50% deposit to cover the price of the coffee we drink whilst working*. We will work through your brief, and carry out research on your behalf – all giving us the best possible start to your project.

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*And electricity, rent, wages etc


Once we have a deep understanding of your place in the world (and where you want to be), we get to work putting together a visual idea of your new website. Page structure and layout, sitemap, calls to action, special features – all put together so you can see how it's going to look, feel and work. At this stage we encourage you to spend a little time with the concepts, and draw up a list of feedback points to share with us. We'll then have another conversation about this, and the design will be tweaked and teased into the perfect website for your business.

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Now that we know how it'll look, act and adapt, it's time for our expert developers to take the concept and make it into a living, breathing website. We'll add whatever we agreed together – dynamic rollovers so people know where to click, scrolling image galleries to showcase your company, content management so you can edit your own copy and much more besides. We'll regularly update you on the progress, sharing links to the development site so you can see it taking shape.

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Once development is complete, we'll send it to you for review. You can tweak your copy, change the odd image and get to grips with the user journey. Once you let us know you're delighted with the outcome, we release your site into the wild – search engine friendly and submitted to Google.

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