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Your Video Marketing is Important

Lola Connelly
18th February 2022
4 minute read

Are videos on your website worth it? We think so. When done well, videos can be a powerful and effective way to spread a message and promote your business. Not only this but video marketing is considered one of the most adaptable and profitable digital marketing tools out there!

There can be many reasons why video marketing is popular. For one, it is easy to digest from the abundance of text, as well as potentially portraying a real-life picture of your business. In fact, 92% of marketers believe video to be an important part of their marketing strategy! Easy to watch and produce, we can see why video has become so important to incorporate within websites. So read on if you would like to discover 6 reasons as to why it is important for your website.

What is Video Content Marketing

First of all, what does video marketing include? The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they hear ‘videos’ is YouTube. And whilst your video content can be published on here, it can also be advertised on social media and websites in the form of webinars, courses, live videos, personalised messages, event and brand videos. Chances are you have a phone, therefore you already have the opportunity to record and create your own videos as part of your marketing campaign.


Reasons Why it is Important

Videos do not only increase engagement on your website, but they have also revolutionised the way audiences connect and convert unresponsive leads. Moreover, those who use videos on their website grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. So it is definitely worth considering.

One website that takes advantage of using videos on their website is Norvic. As an aircraft engine overhaul company, the use of videos allows visitors to be educated on important projects within their company. For instance, videos concerning Lycoming engine exchange or aircraft engine overhaul, may be  easier to digest through the use of video rather than text. Norvic placing videos on the landing page is a powerful way of educating and informing their audience with one quick scroll.

Videos are a Great Way of Informing and Educating

At the end of the day, there is a lot of choice out there for customers. So by placing an educational video, you are able to give your customers a close-up look of how it will help them, as well as what it does. You will be surprised by how much a visual impact of a product can make an impact on your decision making. Even if you feel you have a difficult concept to explain, why not create an animated video to bring your concept to life? They can be the perfect combination of entertainment and simplicity. And keep in mind, 96% of marketers claim that videos help the customer learn more about the product.


Show Great ROI and Boosts Conversions

Here is where it gets interesting… Using videos can actually increase your return on investment. So it all pays off. With high-quality images themselves, able to achieve a massive payoff within your website, imagine what a video can do for your audience. It has been claimed that 74% of those who see a product in action or even an explainer video will end up purchasing. In fact, your video doesn’t even have to be perfect. As long as your video clearly explains the product or service.


Can Use Video in Multiple Ways

Social media allows us to constantly share and like videos with a click of a button. When a customer shares a video, you are instantly receiving more engagement and views with little to no effort. However, most of the time visitors will only share a video reliant on emotions rather than facts. So, make sure your videos are entertaining and fun if you are looking to get more shares.


Will Build Trust

Video allows viewers to feel emotion, engage and in many ways see the real side of your business. You will not only be building trust, but long term relationships who will advocate your content and therefore increase traffic to your website.

Videos Are Great for SEO

Videos are seen by Google as high quality content. This can work wonders for your website. With this in mind, your videos can bring a lot of organic traffic to your website and gain more and more views. However, this will all be down to how well you have optimised your video. Make sure to incorporate the right keywords, have a solid meta description and a strong title.


Appeals to Mobile Users

Think about a time you are looking up a website. Are you on a desktop or phone? Many of us now will be watching and researching on the go with our smartphone. So you will want to make sure that your videos are suitable for smartphone use.


Here are our 6 reasons as to why you should consider videos for your website.

We personally feel it is worth it. Furthermore, have you thought about adding illustrations to your website? If you would like to find out why you should then read our blog here.

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