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Your New Website Is Live, What Now?

25th April 2019
2 minute read

Launching a new website is an exciting moment both for website owners and for the team that has designed and developed it. Having designed and built hundreds of websites, we have been thrilled to be a part of this important moment of launching a new website for our clients. Based on our experience, we have built an extensive list of tips we share with our clients in an attempt to help them make the best possible use of it.




Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics is important for 2 reasons – it helps your website’s SEO and it also helps you monitor the number of visits, user behaviours, and get very useful information on how to improve your website or content. You can also learn about the keywords or phrases your visitors typed in search engines to find your services and use this knowledge to optimize your content.

Submit Sitemaps

In order to more intelligently crawl your website, search engines need to read your sitemap file. Submitting sitemaps to search engines helps them understand which files or pages are the most important for you. They simply help search engine crawlers discover your site and its new pages as soon as they are added. This helps your website rankings and enables your potential customers to easily find your website when searching for your services.

Social Media

Some companies do have social media profiles before they even launch a website, but those who do not, this is probably the first thing I’d recommend. Besides helping you establish social proof, social media helps you connect with your (potential) customers, share your updates with them and most importantly, engage them.

Business Listings

Business listings help your local SEO efforts. Listing your business on various business directories helps your potential customers find you through these portals. It is quite simple to do and can bring you many benefits. One of our clients, masterbatch suppliers – Abbey Masterbatch, had been in business for some time without being listed on business directories and listing them helped them increase the number of sales enquiries.


Marketing efforts help your business be seen and noticed by potential customers and this is exactly what you need to do after launching your website. Whether it’s online or offline marketing, you need this and the good news is you can start small – a few hours to be spent on Google Ads or advanced SEO optimisation should initially be enough to help you get noticed.

Content Updates

Regular content updates matter so much, but this aspect is quite often underestimated. By updating your content regularly, you improve or at least maintain good SEO rankings but you also provide your visitors with up to date information on your company, services and products. This shows them that you care and helps you nurture the relationships with your target audience through your website.




The point is – when your website is launched, your next task is to be noticed by search engines and visitors and of course, to maintain it and make sure it offers fresh content at all times. If you need help with any of these – contact us, we’d be happy to chat with you!

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