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Why Your Website Should Be Built on WordPress

Chloe Toogood
14th February 2023
4 minute read

If you have your own website, work in the industry, or have been looking to make your own website, then it’s likely that you’ve heard of WordPress before.

WordPress is a great tool to build websites with, and there are multiple reasons why choosing it is a great decision when it comes to building your website, and we’re going to go through them in this post.


What is WordPress?

In the beginning, WordPress was a blogging platform, but it has since developed into a website builder and CMS (content management system). It’s great for people who have no web design or website building experience as the code has already been created, and you can get straight to designing the exact type of website you want. The software is also free (so great for those on a tight budget)!

Over 43% of all websites use WordPress, showing that it’s trusted and one of the go-to website builders out there, and we agree! The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to creating on WordPress, with users not only being able to build a fully working site, but also making blogs, and integrating eCommerce software.

In fact, some of the biggest names out there use WordPress. Honourable mentions include:

  • Sony Music
  • Time magazine
  • Spotify Newsroom
  • Wired
  • Microsoft News

So, let’s get into why your website should be using WordPress!

SEO made easy

We all know by now how important SEO is when it comes to websites and getting your name out there. WordPress already has some SEO tools integrated which makes it nice and easy for you to get started with optimising your site.

But you can go one step further with this, and install a premium SEO plugin like Yoast to really boost your results. This gives you more access to keywords and related terms, and will help you to rank higher in the SERP.

Safe and secure

WordPress is one of the most secure website builders out there. For things like folder contents there is password protection, and you’re also able to add an SSL certificate if you chose.

It is important to keep your site updated and your passwords secure to make your site as safe as it can be, and updates will also help to fight off bugs and security threats. There are also a multitude of plugins you can add to your WordPress site which will make it even safer.


WordPress is flexible

Suitable for anyone to use, even complete novices, WordPress can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. You can use it to make basic blogs, or you can use it as an eCommerce platform, complete with a catalogue of products.

One thing we love at Sleeky is the advanced custom fields (ACF) plugin, which allows you to add custom fields anywhere on your site, making it uniquely yours. A great example of this is with this care provider in the north east, you can see how simple and easy to understand the layout of this site is.

Fully customisable

WordPress is fully customisable, so whether you want to build a custom website, or you need a little bit of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, WordPress offers solutions for everything. There are thousands of templates (or themes) ready to be customised for all different types of websites, whether that’s for a portfolio, store, or a podcast.

Everything on the templates can be changed, from the colours to the background, and you can include different layouts that make your site bespoke.

There is also an endless number of plugins that you can install to add extra functionality to your site. These can include:

  • Analytics
  • Contact forms
  • Memberships
  • Backup software

When we finish a website and hand it over, the client has full control over the backend, and is able to add more content, change layouts, and basically has free reign over what happens to the website from that point.

The backend of websites built on WordPress is very easy to understand and has a simple interface, with differentiations between posts, pages, and media. This Newcastle care provider has a custom website built on WordPress, but if they wanted to change how anything appears on the front end, it could be very easily changed.



One of the best things about WordPress is that it is open source and completely free to use. If you don’t want to pay for one of their website plans, then there’s no need to.

Assuming you want to use your website for business purposes rather than just personal reasons, then you’ll likely need to invest in one of the plans that they offer. But again, they have a number of different options depending on what you need the website for.

Paid for plans start from as low as £3 a month, and reach up to £36 a month. Like with most things, the more you pay, the more you get out of it, but for some people, they won’t need to be paying the top price each month for their website, as it will have a load of features that they won’t even end up using. With that being said, going for their premium plan, and skipping the basic one, is a great shout as the features you get with it for only £7 a month are well worth it.

What’s the takeaway?

When it comes to building a website, there’s no point in cutting corners. If you want to create a website that is secure, fully customisable, and affordable, then WordPress should be the first platform that you consider.

There’s no wonder why it is the most popular website builder out there, and with options for all types of people it couldn’t be easier to get started on your site. It is great for SEO purposes, and can help you build your brand’s platform. It’s truly never been easier to create your own website!

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