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Why your website needs a content management system (CMS)

9th October 2018
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I can imagine how excited you must be because your new website is live! You are happy with the design and its functionality and can’t wait to hear the first feedback on your lovely new website. However, after a few weeks, when all the excitement has worn off, you, as a new website owner, will have some practical questions – how do I manage my website, how do I update content or edit some pages?

But these are the questions that should be considered long before your website was designed or developed – every good web development company will tell you that and will recommend a content management system that will help you manage your website once it goes live. Content management system basically enables you to log in to the back end of the website and add or edit its pages, upload images and so on.




It is very important to choose a content management system that is user-friendly and easy to use, like WordPress for example. It offers a lot of functionality and is pretty self-explanatory so managing your website through WordPress is quite simple. Apart from making your life easier, a content management system has so many other advantages, which I will try to explain:

  • It helps you save money: As I said, a content management system is quite simple to use even if you are a non-technical person. So you won’t depend on an IT company to help you with any updates you need to make on the website – you’ll be able to do it yourself and won’t be charged for this.
  • It helps you save time: Even if you do learn to manage your website without a content management system, it will take you more time to make the changes to the website without one.
  • You are in control: You are in full control – your content will be fresh and up to date with a possibility to update it whenever needed. Spotted a small typo on one of the pages – you’ll be able to correct it in no time with a content management system!
  • It offers a number of useful plugins: there is a number of useful (and free!) plugins coming with WordPress allowing you to add some quite useful features and functionality to your website.


So, you do need a content management system and I hope you’ll learn that from this post rather than from your mistake of not having one! Our client – Norvic Aero Engines, one of the leading aircraft engine overhaul companies is just one example of many websites we have built and a content management system really does make their life easier when there is a need to update content (which is quite often!).

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