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Why Your Brand Should Be On Instagram

15th November 2017
2 minute read

Instagram – if you’re active online then you’ve heard of it and most probably own an account yourself.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms right now in which users are encouraged to share photos of themselves and their interests. Since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has become somewhat more than a photo gallery, with brands now utilising the app to promote their products and services. Brands can create their own unique image content and share this with their followers in a bid to build their following and connect with a global audience.

Recent features to the site such as Instagram stories and “Swipe up to URL link” have transformed the app into a marketpace where followers can be instantly taken to a brand’s product page – cutting out any middle man.

Brands can also use the app to build partnerships with social media influencers such as bloggers and those who have accumulated mass followings by posting content. In return for discounts, products or money, influencers will share the brand with their followers in a way that is generally creative and appealing, with the aim of promoting the brand.

Here at Sleeky, we recognise the importance of social media and designing a website that means visitors can easily access every platform that your brand is on. This works the other way too. Those who are browsing on Instagram may come across your profile and therefore visit your website to see what your about – increasing your chances of consumer engagement.


Check out Great British Barber, a British hair company, who have used Instagram to show their photography and promote their products. In doing so, they have started to garner an online audience.

When building their website, we incorporated an interactive plugin to the homepage, which allows their Instagram photos to be displayed and directly links the website to the company’s Instagram page. When a photo is added to the Instagram feed, the plugin will automatically update the website, meaning it is kept up to date and looking fresh.

As a brand wanting to expand their consumer reach, it’s essential to be aware of which social media platforms are most popular and how best to maximise them to their full potential.




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