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Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

Ben Kershaw
27th April 2022
3 minute read

As you may know already, we are a web design agency specialising in everything digital. But why pay someone else when you can do it yourself right? Wrong! With 15 years of experience, we know all the little tricks to getting you a perfect website to represent you.

Building a website can be a tough task, but with enough experience and all the right equipment, it can be a breeze. You can follow every YouTube tutorial and read all the articles promising “Beautiful Web Design in 10 Minutes” and still end up with a shabby, unstable website with dead links and blurry images. Your Website Should be an Extension of Your Brand, and you don’t want it to deter potential customers just because you tried to be cool and make it yourself, at least let us help!

Here’s a few reasons you should outsource your web design solutions:



Important Elements of Web Design

The web design process consists of various elements and has many different functionalities, the trends are ever changing but here are few current things Web Designers look to prioritise:

Mobile and Other Device Friendly layouts – Nowadays there are countless devices of all different sizes and its important your website looks great on all of them.

Clean Typography – Using attractive text that is easy to read can increase a user’s chance of actually staying on your website.

Speed Optimisation – According to Google, as a pages load time goes from 1-10 seconds the likelihood of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%, so having all the lovely images and functionality is good but without proper optimisation people won’t wait around to see it.

Open/White Space – White space, or negative space, lets your design be a bit less intense for the user but its important to be sparing as too much white space can be unengaging.

A Few Reasons You Should Outsource Your Web Design:


Programs, Hosting and Maintenance costs can be substantial to manage on your own, whereas most web design services will include a reasonable price, not only for initial design and development, but for upkeep and support after its gone live.

Performance and Appearance

As aforementioned, designing yourself can lead to poor appearance and performance issues, which both are equally as detrimental to your online presence. Experts in web design are perfectly capable of producing an attractive site, under your direction, and have it run smoothly.

Hosting and Ongoing Support

If something were to go wrong with your website, would you be able to fix it yourself? By outsourcing, you can sort out Hosting and Support solutions so an experienced professional can be on hand to help when needed.


Web design can take a lot of time dependent on the size of the task. Here at Sleeky, some of our bigger designs like fully functional E-Commerce sites can take 8-10 weeks to complete and go live. This is valuable time for your business, being able to leave the project to its development process and focus on your other ongoings can be crucial.


We speak about SEO all the time but it is a very important part of web design and, if done incorrectly, can be the difference between being on the front page of Google and not appearing at all. Digital experts will know all the little tips and tricks to elevate your website to a higher status without you needing to worry about it.


The Wrap Up

Web Design is a tricky process with lots of little nooks and cranny’s to think about so its best to leave it to a professional, luckily you’re in the right place! Check our Web Design Service here.

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