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Why You Should Show Off Your Online Portfolio

9th October 2019
3 minute read

Many people understand the importance of a portfolio. It showcases not only your work, but your brand, your talent and your ethos. Then your portfolio takes all of those qualities and turns it into something tangible that potential clients can look at. This is something that we all know, but there are still some people not showing off their work to its full potential. Whether you think your work is boring or you think it’s not good enough, here are 5 reasons that you should rethink your decision and shout about your work from the rooftops.


     1. Your work isn’t boring


A lot of people and businesses may not show off their work because they think it’s boring or that it doesn’t photograph well. Don’t fall into this trap. True, a photograph of your insulation in action may not look as grandiose as an interior designers’ such as Studio One Design, but they’re both completely separate sectors that each have their own audience. You may class it as ‘boring’, but to others it could be fascinating, and you don’t want to lose out on them, do you?


     2. There is a LOT of competition


In this day and age, there is a lot of competition for just about everything on the market. We can probably guarantee that you’re not selling something that’s absolutely unique (unless you have invented something completely new in a completely new sector – which is highly unlikely), and there will be other businesses that are selling very similar if not the same products/services. How do you pull away from everyone else? By showing off why your products/services are better than anyone elses. This could be something that you write, but people tend to be visual, and we are natural drawn to things that catch our eye, so what better way than with an amazing portfolio?


     3. You can reach a wider audience


People LOVE social media. What’s more, people LOVE sharing things. Why not make your business something that people love to share? Companies such as Netflix are constantly creating shareable content to reach a wider audience, so why don’t you? Word of mouth is absolutely crucial for any company, but there’s only so many people someone can tell at the same time. Social media can reach hundreds and hundreds of people with very little effort.


     4. People are interested in behind the scenes


It is not uncommon for people to choose a certain brand because of their ethos and personality. Some people will actively choose to buy from a company that they believe in and can support over a large, faceless corporation. It’s a good idea to show behind the scenes footage in a portfolio, so people can get a feel for who you are and what you stand for. The more personality your portfolio has, the better chance you have of winning those customers and clients.


     5. It makes you look experienced and professional


There is no faster way of building trust and rapport with a potential customer than with a portfolio. A customer is more likely to choose a business who they believe they can trust over a business that has nothing to show. A portfolio really does put your work where your mouth is.

If you don’t already have a portfolio or a gallery, it really is time to think about curating one. It can turn website traffic into clients, and it’s a huge factor in getting people to choose you over the competition. What are you waiting for?

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