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Why you should include your social feeds on your website

24th June 2019
2 minute read

Embedding social feeds on your website can engage your customers on a more relatable and personal level and have a positive impact on your conversion rates. In fact, without clear links and the use of social media your business can seem outdated.

Social media feeds are a form of storytelling, you can provide your audience with a more informal and humanising insight into your business. Forging this connection with your audience can be beneficial in encouraging a conversation, as your company becomes more relatable and more credible.



Using social media feeds on your website is another avenue of traffic for your social pages. Directing your audience towards your social media channels is another opportunity for them to socialise and engage in conversation with both your brand and other customers. Increased traffic to your social media will most likely increase your followers and improve brand recognition.


Organic reach:

Including your social feeds on your websites provides more opportunities for organic reach. Your audience will become more familiar with your social media pages and are more likely to share content with their own followers. This is particularly helpful with content such as blog posts that link back to your website. As your audience sees that your content is being posted on your social platforms, they are more likely to engage and share themselves.


User-generated content:

Whether you are retweeting customers, working with influencers or sharing testimonials, social media offers an opportunity to engage with your customers and build a community around your brand. According to Convince & Convert, 27% of marketers find it challenging to produce enough content. Therefore, having more user-generated content means more opportunity for your customers to engage with your brand.


Time on site:

Including links to your social media on your website further increases the scope of content your audience is able to browse. A social feed with fresh content will keep your audience on your site longer and improve SEO. According to Flockler, time spent on your website can be 3-4x higher with the inclusion of a social media wall. Therefore, it is worth considering as part of your SEO strategy.

How to make the most of your social media feed
Although social media is becoming a more prominent element of business strategy, it is still important your company has a website. In fact, having a website is considering more reliable and professional by consumers. Social integration offers a comfortable balance between professionalism and connecting with your audience. Mad Communications include their Instagram on their homepage and are an effective example of how they can use this to generate regular new content for their website. Content includes images of their office, events and expert insights with facts and statistics. Mad Communications effectively keep their audience informed and offer a personable insight into their business.


Final thoughts

Incorporating social media feeds into your business strategy can support your companies development, build credibility and brand awareness. A consistent presence across all your platforms supports your brand’s overall professionalism and improves brand recognition.

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