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Why you should include case studies on your website

15th June 2018
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There are so many different sorts of content you can include on your website. Case studies can be a great promotional tool for your business since they demonstrate your expertise and build trust among potential customers. I’ll list some of the reasons why you should include case studies on your website.

They build trust and help your reputation

Case studies are real stories that show your products and services as a concrete solution to a certain problem. You demonstrate your skills and experience by describing the challenges your customer was facing and by explaining how your solution helped your customer overcome these challenges. Including a quote or customer’s testimonial is a great way to add value to your case studies and make them sound even more real, offering solid evidence and transparency on how you conduct business.

They quantify your success

Your potential customers will want to make sure that your solution will actually help their business. They need to understand how successful you’ve been and can be. Quantifying your result is of extreme importance here as it shows to what degree you’ve been able to help your existing customers. So, give them the numbers, figures or images demonstrating your success – remember, nobody can argue against facts and figures.

They describe your process and approach

When describing the solution to the problem your customer has been facing, make sure you include your process and approach. Processes are a great testimony to your experience and unique approach to each individual customer. Show the visitors your tailored approach to customers with different backgrounds. Showing that your process is stable and yet flexible builds trust and reputation with potential customers.

They help you approach your target audience

Three basic elements of a case study are the problem, the solution and the results. It is also recommended to add a client overview section. The client overview section gives you an opportunity to share more info on the client, their business industry and background. In the latter three, you should focus on highlighting the specific problem your client has had, what you’ve done to help them and what has changed after your solution has been implemented. By telling the story about this client, you start with general information and this section helps you with wide targeting – it will definitely be interesting to the visitors coming from the same or similar industry. By describing the problem and solution, naturally, you go into more detail, narrowing your targeting and helping potential customers with similar pain points relate to this story. Finally, describing the results using facts and figures you will offer your visitors the most compelling argument for using your services.


When building a website for our client, JTL Group, we were excited when they announce they’d include case studies on their new website since we knew how this would help the client’s marketing and sales efforts.



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