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Why You Should Consider Illustrations For Your Website

Lola Connelly
8th February 2022
3 minute read

Within an endless sea of website designs, the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” conveys just how important photographs, artwork or graphic design captures and engages your audience. So when it comes to designing your website, we understand there are times showcasing the right visual representation can be challenging. And we believe illustrations may be the answer to your problem.

Some web designers use photographs within their designs. And don’t get us wrong, this has many benefits and perks. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell your brands’ story through these photographs. Illustrations, on the other hand, can really help add a unique branding element and help you to stand out. Throughout this article, we will take you through some options as to why illustrations are fantastic to experiment with.


Why your branding is important?

First of all, it is important to understand why your branding is important. As an extension to your business, we want your website to make an everlasting impression and create a memorable experience for your visitors.  This will be memorable and eye-catching. If visitors see you have gone through the trouble of incorporating illustrations, it shows you really care about your online presence.


Finding the right visual representation

Keep in mind, if you have decided to go down the illustrative route there are many different approaches you can take. Research your competitors and see what they are doing to determine how you would like to define your brand. Ask yourself a few questions: are you leaning more towards abstract or a creative illustration? Are you looking for realistic images? Will these illustrations be able to represent your brand? Use these in your logo, website content and Infographics.


Reasons why you should consider illustrations

A photograph is not able to capture your business

Sometimes representing your business through the use of a photograph can be a struggle and can even limit the description of your business. The subject itself can be difficult to photograph, meaning copywriting becomes a reliant source for your business. Whilst this is indeed important, images, colour, and videos on a company website are considered to be of top priority. With 40% of consumers suggesting images are of most importance.

You would like to represent something abstract

As previously mentioned, many ideas can be presented through the use of copy or text, however the more complex your business is, the more important illustration is to incorporate into your website. Even if you have some critical text your audience needs to know, list these details with illustrative bullet points or numbers.

Your brand has a unique look

If you would like your website to stand out, avoid the cliche business photographs such as the fake handshakes. By using illustrations you are able to customise and personalise your message and brand. You will not be using the same generic photos as everyone else, but rather a one-of-a-kind image which sticks out and makes a lasting impression.

Illustrations are fun and attention-grabbing

When you’re trying to compete against millions of other businesses online, particularly amongst lookalike companies, you need to reflect the style, personality and core values of your brand in a few quick clicks. Furthermore, we are constantly exposed to photographs with the growing presence of social media and they sometimes don’t make the lasting impression we would like. Illustrations will always add that ‘uniqueness’ factor, making your website fun and attention-grabbing. Keep in mind, that a mixture of both illustrations and photographs can be a great combination. You are able to provide a personal touch with real photos and also be unique with illustrations.

Softening the look of your website

Sometimes your website may be advertising a product or service which involves a lot of data or complicated information. Using illustration will soften the look of your website and make it less intimidating. It is a smart way to achieve an eye-catching and approachable appearance. For instance, CloudBook Accountants rely on illustrations and a consistent and attractive colour scheme to grab the users attention. It is easy to explore, whilst you are still able to grasp an idea of the goals and message of the website.




After going through this blog, we hope you consider the idea of using illustrations within your website. Find the right balance, and vary the illustrations to keep a fresh and tidy look. Consider your customers and introduce them to the creativity of your brand. If you would like to build your online strategy why not have a look at blog. There are three tips for you!

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