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Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn to Pitch and Advertise Services

Abbey Warne
23rd October 2021
3 minute read

If you’re a B2B brand who’s currently using Instagram, Facebook or any other platform then that’s great, but have you considered using LinkedIn? Creating an account for your business on this platform can have so many benefits.

LinkedIn has over 740 million users meaning that it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. It’s also considered to be the number one trusted social platform in America so if you take on clients from there, then that’s an added bonus!

LinkedIn is great for B2B businesses because, like other social media platforms, it can be used to engage people with your brand and increase its visibility, but there’s the added benefit that it’s used by loads of other professionals and brands who will likely be interacting with other companies to partner with, so it already poses loads of opportunities.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a great idea for your B2B business to use LinkedIn:



There are More Opportunities for Connections

You can use the purpose of this social media platform to your advantage, straight away. It’s aimed at professionals meaning there’s so much opportunity to get your foot in the door as a business and utilise the platform to create meaningful connections with other companies.

The platform can be used to connect with specific professional audiences, too. After all, it’s the norm for companies to use LinkedIn to talk about potential collaborations and trends in a specific industry. Plus, the more connections you make, the more opportunities there are.


You can Introduce Your Team

You can use LinkedIn to talk more about your team and the areas that each member specialises in, compared to other platforms like Instagram, which companies use to showcase their products instead. This means that, on LinkedIn, brands will get to know your business and employees more, gaining valuable insight into the services that it offers.


It Will Boost Your Brands Credibility

Using LinkedIn to pitch and advertise services can boost your brand’s credibility. If you’re frequently sharing and posting relevant content, over time you’ll gain more connections and you could, eventually, become a leading business in your sector. Hence, this will make it more likely for brands to trust and accept your pitches, as well as purchase your services.

Google Loves LinkedIn

Creating a LinkedIn for your brand to advertise its products and services is great for SEO when using Google. Your business will become much more discoverable on search engines which will create more opportunities as you’ll be reaching a lot more of your audience.

Your Content Will Become More Relevant

The more businesses you build connections with and follow on LinkedIn, the more you’ll learn about industry news and trends, just from what they’re posting. This will allow you to create up-to-date and valuable content for your business LinkedIn page which will present it as authoritative and knowledgeable, creating a great overall impression for your brand.



The Takeaway

We hope you’ve learned how useful LinkedIn can be for businesses in the B2B sector to form professional partnerships with other brands and build a great reputation. Posting and connecting with other businesses can really help to boost your credibility within your sector. You should also plan content beforehand, so check out our post on why this is a good idea.

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