Why You Need A Great Logo

15th March 2018
2 minute read

A great logo literally is the business. A great logo will instantly link the viewer’s mind to the company or organisation it represents. When you see the golden arches, that tick shaped swoosh or the portcullis with the chains you instantly know it’s McDonalds, Nike or Ministry of Sound.

Great Logos Matter

Businesses know how important logos are to their identity, back in 2000 British Patromilum (BP) invested a whopping £136 million to launch it now globally famous sunflower logo. Things don’t always go to plan however, in 2010 the clothes retailer Gap changed its logo, such was the public outcry that it reverted back to the original logo only a week later.




Simple & Functional

Logo’s should be simple and functional, it’s how your customers recognise you, so it should also represent your business values and ethics. Saul Bass is well known for his work on corporate logos, he once said: “Design is thinking made visual” We try to adhere to that here at Sleeky!


We have recently been working with a prominent UK manufacturer and supplier of masterbatch products, their logo is visually striking, clean in design and also incorporates their company name. It stands as a great example of corporate logo design and suits their industry perfectly.


Abbey Logo



Let’s return to the words of Saul Bass to summerise this post on logo design. He said that a great logo should “Symbolize and summarize.” A very simplistic way to describe the process, but if you set out with this as your stated aim you won’t go far wrong.

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