Why We Love WordPress

Jennifer Betts
14th May 2024
3 minute read

If there’s one thing that Sleeky knows, it’s WordPress.

Originally having started as a tool for blogging, it’s now blossomed into one of the most versatile content management systems (CMS for short) on the internet – fueling over 40% of today’s internet landscape! To truly grasp the enormity of WordPress’s triumph and its journey from humble blogging roots to web domination, let’s delve into the wonderful world of WordPress.

The Birth of WordPress

In the beginning, WordPress came about due to the need for an elegant, user-friendly blogging platform. In 2003, developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little birthed WordPress as a derivative of b2/cafelog. Their vision? To democratise blogging and publishing, making it accessible to all internet users. They then released WordPress under the GNU General Public License, granting users the freedom to modify and distribute the software as they saw fit.

Back in the day, most of us at Sleeky had our own blogs – whether it was on Blogger, MySpace or Tumblr (what a throwback eh?). Can you guess what platform these blogs are on now?

Initially embraced by bloggers for its intuitive interface and customisable features, it didn’t take long for WordPress to quickly gain traction and expand its reach. It transcended its blogging roots to accommodate a plethora of website types: e-commerce platforms, portfolios, forums – anything you can think of really! Its adaptability, coupled with a vast array of plugins and themes, empowered users to tailor their websites, no matter how much (or little!) coding experience the user had.

The Rise of WordPress

And what makes WordPress so popular? A key driver behind WordPress’s widespread adoption is its open-source ethos. This ethos fosters a vibrant community of developers, designers, and enthusiasts who contribute to its evolution and support network. This collaborative spirit underscores the platform’s resilience and innovation.

Along with the open-source ethos, came the advent of plugins. These add-on modules amplify a WordPress site’s functionality, catering to diverse needs such as contact forms, SEO optimisation, and e-commerce capabilities. With thousands of plugins available, WordPress offers unparalleled versatility for businesses and individuals alike. There’s almost nothing you can’t do on your WordPress website!

It’s not just the overall functionality of WordPress that makes it so great (although of course it’s a massive factor), but ultimately, WordPress’s theme system simplifies website customisation. With an extensive library of professionally crafted themes, users can craft visually stunning websites sans extensive coding knowledge. This adaptability, coupled with seamless third-party integration, cements WordPress’s status as the premier choice for website development. With the thousands upon thousands of themes that are compatible with WordPress, you’re sure to find something suited perfectly for your business, and if not – you can build from scratch and custom code! Unlike other platforms where you’re restricted to their specific website builder, if you have the know how (or you hire a web design company who has the know how), you can custom design and code everything from scratch. The possibilities are literally endless!

The Future of WordPress

It also seems that WordPress has no desire to slow down! In recent years, WordPress has continued to evolve, embracing responsive design principles and introducing the Gutenberg block editor for seamless content creation. This editor, central to our custom builds at Sleeky, streamlines website editing, empowering clients to tweak their sites effortlessly.

WordPress is also strongly committed to its security and stability, for which it owes much of its success. The core development team diligently patches vulnerabilities, ensuring a safe and reliable platform for millions worldwide. Additionally, extensive documentation and community resources offer users the support needed to overcome any hurdles.

In Conclusion

WordPress’s journey from a modest blogging tool to a dominant CMS epitomises innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. Its rich legacy, robust features, and vibrant community position it as a cornerstone of the internet’s content management landscape. As the digital landscape evolves, WordPress consistently remains at the forefront, empowering individuals and businesses to share their stories with the world.

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