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Why We Love Our Flexible Layout System

Jennifer Betts
22nd May 2023
3 minute read

If you’ve had a custom-designed and bespoke website with us – you’ll most likely have been through a screen share tutorial and know all about how we build websites! But for those of you who don’t know, rest assured you’re in capable hands.

All About WordPress

So, how do we build websites?

Our platform of choice when it comes to websites is WordPress. Why? Because it’s one of the most popular open-source platform going. In fact, WordPress powers around 43.1% of all websites on the internet. That means well over 1 in 3 websites are built with WordPress. It also means that you could go to just about any developer and they would be able to make changes and work with what is already existing.

In the world of WordPress, there are two different branches that you can go down, WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is a paid service powered by the WordPress.org software. It’s easy enough to use if you’re wanting to have a go at creating your own website, however there are limitations as to what you’re able to do. But don’t worry – this isn’t what developers use!

We (and any other developer who uses WordPress) use WordPress.org. This is the software that we can make truly our own. Whether you’re wanting to create an ecommerce website or a website that takes your hotel bookngs – WordPress can do it all. Your imagination really is the limit!

Our Own Content Management System

But it doesn’t end there!

We may make it sound easy, however it’s not as simple as downloading the software and a full website is made (we wish it was!). Every developer will have their own way of coding the backend and sorting out how the end client will go about making edits and you’ll be glad to hear – we have designed our content management system with you (the client) in mind.

As a web development company, we pride ourselves on not only being there for support when you need a helping hand, but also giving you full access, as well as the tools to be able to make website changes as and when you please. Because sometimes, you’ll want to make changes out of hours and you shouldn’t have to wait.

More often than not our clients are pleasantly surprised at the ease of making changes to their own website!

The Benefits Of Flexible Layouts

We can harp on about how much we love the system that we use, however we appreciate that people would like the cold hard facts!

So, why do we love the flexible layout system so much? Let us tell you!:

  • It's Easy To Use
    • We promise, once we run through everything via a recorded screenshare, you’ll get the hang of it in no time at all (just about all of our clients do!).

      Gone are the days of staring at gobbledygook code trying desperately to make sense of anything at all. All content (text and images) is laid out nice and easily for you. Changing text is as simple as changing text in a word document, and changing an image is just a case of clicking on the existing image and replacing it.

      Everything is laid out in the open and absolutely nothing is hidden! It’s very much what you see is what you get.

  • You Can't Break Your Website
    • By making changes to the text and images on a page using our flexible layout system, you can’t break your website. Let me repeat that – you can’t break your website! There is absolutely no reason to be scared of your own website – so feel free to make changes as and when you please! And with the option of previewing your changes before clicking the save button, it’s simple to make edits without the commitment.

  • You Have Full Control Of Your Content
    • As we mentioned in a previous point, all of the existing content is out in the open.

      This means you won’t be searching for days on end, looking for the precise content box to change one specific link.

      We have nothing to hide – and neither do our websites!

  • It's Future-proof
    • Not only is it easy to make changes to existing content on your website. But adding and removing pages is simply a breeze.

      Your website can evolve along with you and your business. Whether it’s adding a new service page to your website or totally changing the menu structure – the great thing about how we build websites is that you don’t need to know any code in order to make significant content changes!

The most important thing we want you to take away from this is that you shouldn’t be scared of your own website.

You own your website – your website doesn’t own you!

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