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Why Use Images For Digital Marketing

12th July 2019
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There’s no doubt that imagery catches user attention. There are many benefits to using images for digital marketing; to bring your products/services to life, to visually describe, or even to spark emotion. The proof is in the pudding, visual platform Instagram, has over 1 billion monthly users, 500m+ using daily.  In perspective, the entire world has a population of 7.53 billion. It’s safe to say Instagram has taken over.

If you’re not convinced already here are some reasons why images should be a vital aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

More Views and Increased Clicks

Humans are visual beings; we respond to imagery as it attracts our attention, can spark emotion and present information in a digestible way. Websites filled with text and no pictures aren’t attractive. Even a website with a good design isn’t going to prove as successful as a bad one, using images.  There are multiple reasons why:

  • Visual images are convenient. As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words
  • Images are natural for others to share through social media
  • A photo will help show what your product/service is like
  • Images improve SEO

Give life to Your Products or Services

Nobody wants to buy something they haven’t seen. Content is essential to describing your products but without actually seeing the product, how do you know what’s even being described? Images help bring your product to life, giving your visitor the power to visualise and imagine using what you offer.  In turn, this will undoubtedly help with sales.

In terms of helping to sell services, nothing will seal the deal like pictures of a good job. Are you planning to spend a fortune on having an extension to your home? You’re going to want to know the kind of jobs the construction company have done before.

Wolfybeds do a great job on their website using imagery.  What better says ‘luxury for your dog’ than this little fella looking so elegant on his Wolfybed?


Images Spark Emotion

There’s a reason cat pictures are so popular online; they trigger emotional responses and make you think ‘awwwwwwwww’. 3.8 Million cat photo and videos are shared every day. Studies have proven that people rely on emotions to influence their brand purchase decisions. That’s mainly the reason branded products, such as Heinz beans, stand out above the crowd, even when there are cheaper store-branded versions of precisely the same thing. Based on just the facts, you’re more than likely going to choose the more affordable alternative. The richer the emotional content of a brand, the more likely you are to become a loyal customer.



We Remember Images

A study first carried out 50 years ago; subjects were shown 10,000 images one day, 1000 the next, with 500 from the first batch. Respondents picked out the ones they had seen before within seconds. This phenomenon happens because we get a feel for the image, remembering not only the subject but also the essence. The rush of familiarity is fun.

Better SEO

Images help improve your SEO. You can add ALT tags, appropriate file names and structured data. These all tell Google about your image. People also enjoy websites with image, meaning they will hang around for longer helping to improve your trustworthiness. Sites without pictures look bland. Furthermore, you get a chance to appear in Googles image search, which is hugely popular.

Google has shed some light on actionable tips to consider when using images on your website. By following their advice, you can improve your ranking, get more chance of appearing in rich snippets, become voice assistant friendly and increase traffic coming to your website. Sounds good, right?

  • Provide related contextually; make sure your images match your content and there just for the sake of it.
  • Optimise image location: Place the image in a position relevant to the context of your page. Using an image description can help. Google will look at the image’s surrounding text.
  • Create quality content: We know Google considers the surrounding context when ranking, so it’s essential you provide meaningful content. Your chance of appearing in a rich snippet above all other organic search results.
  • Consider device optimisation: Google revealed that more users search for images on mobile as opposed to desktop. To capitalise on traffic, it’s good to optimise for mobile devices.
  • Good URL image structure: What you name your images, and where they are on a page can be a deciding factor in rank. For example, instead of a generic images folder, WolfyBeds may use the file path /dogbed/luxurydogbed.jpg or /dogblanket/luxurydogblanket.jpg

Add Fuel To The Social Media Flame

Social media is undeniably crucial for the business. Where else can you get up, close and personal with your customers every single day? It has numerous benefits. Communication, branding, increasing traffic, a boost in organic visibility, to name a few.

Images help increase interaction on social media, firstly by catching the users attention, then by causing a reaction such as a like, comment or share. Images take up large portions of a social media feed, and if a pile of text takes that same space, it’s going to look far less appealing. It’s more likely that someone is going to share an image than a wall of text.

Speaking of sharing; there’s the chance of going viral. 90% of marketers say social media marketing efforts increase exposure for their business, and 75% saw an increase in traffic. People trust information that’s come through their friends. Why would someone share something if they disliked it? They wouldn’t. Post something everyone can relate to, and they’re going to tell everyone they know with a click of a single button.

Final Thoughts

There’s no question that imagery should be part of your digital marketing strategy. They evoke an emotional response, they stick in our memory for longer, and they paint the story instantly. Not only that but they help customers image what your product looks like, or what the outcome of your services will be.

Marketers Agree; 32% of marketers say visual images are the most essential form of content for their business, with blogging in second (27%)

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