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Why Should Your Website Have An Image Gallery Page?

2nd April 2019
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Images speak to our emotions, imagination and our unconscious as well. This is why the importance of using images on the website is so enormous – they attract us or put us off way faster than any other element of web design does.

Using the right images throughout the website can help you attract potential customers and generate more sales too. Adding an image gallery page to your website helps with these two, plus with a few other important aspects of your website which I will explain in this post.

Examples of your work

Depending on the services you offer, you can show some examples of your what you do through portfolio, gallery, case studies or similar. Showing your services or work using a gallery page is quite handy if your line of work is construction, property letting, children play bus hire, photo booth hire and so on – a gallery page is not just a gallery, it is a portfolio of your work because it best shows your potential customers what you have done and what you can do.

Increase SEO rankings

Optimising the images is an important part of your SEO efforts. You can use the keywords you want to focus on as image ALT attributes, which will make sure search engines render your services or certain website pages among the image search results.

More website visits

If you use both your content and images to attract potential customers, this will increase your chances of appearing in search results for certain searched terms. If you include the right images and assign the right ALT attributes to them, you will most certainly draw the attention of your target audience and invite them to visit your website and explore your business or services further.

More social

It takes a few seconds for human brain to process an image, which is considerably faster than processing content or text. The time people spend on social media is constantly increasing, however, the mode they are in when doing any social media activity is a fun and relaxed one. This means that they won’t be focusing on content first, but images. If they find the images attractive and engaging, they will decide to read the accompanying text. If your gallery is rich in images, you will have a lot of eye-catching stuff to share and it will easily draw your audience’s attention.


Whether it is via an image gallery or portfolio page, your website needs to offer your visitors a visual aspect that will showcase your work. Adding an image gallery page to the website of one of our clients, AG Events, a photo booth hire company has helped them increase the number of website visits and sales conversions. If you want to encourage potential customers to connect with you on an emotional level too, this will help them decide to work with you as well.


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