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Why Should You Add An FAQ Page To Your Website?

8th April 2019
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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is a part of your website that provides the space where you can address common questions or concerns that customers often have or might have.

So, the main purpose of an FAQ page is to address frequently asked questions about your products or services. However, this is not the sole purpose of this page – it actually helps your business and website with several other things.




Saves Time

An FAQ page can help save both your customers’ and your customer support team’s time, especially if it covers and explains common concerns well. When browsing your website, your visitors will come to a point when they will want to know more than what’s presented on your website and including an FAQ page will give you an opportunity to answer their questions in more detail.

Helps build relationships with customers

By answering a few extra questions your potential customers have been wondering about, you get a chance to establish trust with your target audience. These answers to these questions will show your customers that you understand the challenges they might have before or while using your product or services. If you show them that you understand you show them that you care, and care is an important element of trust.

Helps your website’s SEO and traffic

Most of the things an FAQ page helps your business with, are customer or business focused. However, this page can also be used for keyword placement, which helps your website’s SEO rankings. How? If your FAQ page uses the actual questions that potential customers might ask (or type in search engines), this will help you get better rankings for these questions. And better rankings for relevant keywords or searched terms guarantee more website traffic and sales as well.

Improves visitors’ experience

If your service/product pages provide information to some basic questions about what you offer and your FAQ page addresses related common concerns, this will allow your visitors to find the information they are looking for in an easy way. This might sound simple, but it is easier said and done, so some business might have challenges deciding which questions should be answered on product/service pages and which should be answered on an FAQ page. To provide the best experience for your visitors, you need to find the right balance and use service or product pages to answer offering-related topics and questions while an FAQ page needs to provide additional information, broadly-related to the usage, installation, payments, etc…

Final Thoughts

Using an FAQ page strategically will help your business in so many aspects, from online visibility to customer relationship building and sales. An example of a well-planned FAQ page is the FAQ page of a London based company, ACS Installations. They answer all product and service-related questions via solutions and product pages while the FAQ page is used to cover some practical questions about product usage and installation.

Finally, here are a few more examples of effective FAQ pages, by Search Engine Journal!



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