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Why is Newsletter so important?

29th March 2019
2 minute read

Newsletters are regular company updates announcing news, promotions, recent developments and events either in print or electronic form. They are of crucial importance when it comes to building and maintaining a relationship with contacts and existing partners and clients.

Newsletters can be sent on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and they are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. And how do they exactly help businesses?



Regular Communication

Regular communication with your customers and partners is crucial for building and nurturing relationships with your target group. The activities and the effort you have put into sharing your news and updates with them – creating a newsletter, choosing the right images, colours and layout – shows that you care and that your customers matter to you. Companies that care about their customers do not take this channel of communication with customers lightly and this is a good investment of time and efforts.

Increase Awareness

Newsletters are a great opportunity to increase awareness of your company and help customers find out more, familiarize themselves with your products and services. Newsletters in help you increase the website traffic for example (if the newsletter links to their website), brand recognition and eventually more sales.

Promote your Business

Business promotion is one of the most important elements of a newsletter. Companies wanting to promote new product launches discounted prices or special offers use a newsletter to inform their (potential) customers of something they might be very interesting and valuable for them, especially if they are loyal to this brand.


Newsletters that demonstrate business’s expertise in the field, help business build authority in the industry and every leading brand or company needs that – their authority actually establishes them as industry leaders. This all together sets them apart from their competition, bringing their products and services closer to the customers.

Wrap up

Newsletters are good for your business. Though you might not always be able to measure the benefits and identify the sales that your company newsletter generates, I can promise you – it does generate a lot of sales. After reading an interesting post on how to drive revenue through newsletters, we advised our client, ITL, owned by Grace Tia Bon Bon to introduce a company newsletter and it eventually helped their sales too.

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