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Why Is Having a Social Media Presence Vital for Your Business?

16th April 2024
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In the relatively new and ever-changing world of social media, it has grown increasingly important for businesses to represent themselves and what their brand stands for through their own social media platforms. While most brands working from office spaces are out of the way and in quiet locations as they gain traction from their platforms on social media.

But why is this and how can your business benefit from building a following on social media?

Attracting Potential Customers

Having a social media platform to represent your business is potentially one of the most effective ways of promoting your business to the world. While other methods of advertising could be just as helpful to a company, social media has proven to bring a lot of success to a variety of different brands. A Gateshead based office, 2 Bankside, uses their online presence to promote their offices for rent. With over 5 billion reported social media identities at the start of 2024, the potential to be able to advertise to a large variety of different people and attract more customers is huge and an excellent way to promote your brand! Engaging with new customers via social media is a good way to build a following and generate awareness for your brand. Staying relevant with customers as a business is also incredibly important and therefore can be challenging, through the use of frequent and engaging social media posts the relevance of a business can skyrocket.



Showing the Personality of Your Brand

Portraying your brand to have a certain type of ‘personality’ on social media is vital in deciding which type of people are veered towards and attracted to your social media page. Your brand personality is a huge part of your image on social media, showing the brand values and tone of the company throughout posts, captions, and engagement with followers. The feeling that person scrolling on social media gets from viewing your posts might determine if they become a potential client or customer, so the initial look at your page must make an impression.

Engaging with followers on social media is a good way to determine what type of people follow your brand and what their interests are, therefore giving a good insight into what your customers are looking for. You can cater your brand personality around this. For example, if your business was aimed at children, you might have bright colours and cartoon characters on your social media page.



Connections, Collaborations and Competitions

Making connections with other people and brands on social media is a huge benefit of having social media pages for your business, connecting with your audience, and building relationships with potential customers/clients can be advantageous and add the ‘human element’ to your social media presence. When clients know that they are talking to a real person and can start building a relationship they are more likely to stay loyal to the business.

Social media is also a great place for collaborations with other brands, where a business can build relationships with and work alongside others so that they can both reach wider audiences and attempt to broaden their reach on social media.

While you can attract customers and an audience from social media, it can also be used for identifying similar brands and potential competitors. Seeing how a competitor presents themselves on social media can be beneficial. It can also be helpful for a business to see how to set themselves apart from their competitors and how to be unique.

Which Social Media Platform Should You Choose?

Although it is beneficial for businesses to be on as many social media platforms as possible in order to reach as many people as possible and create brand awareness, which social media platform would be most suited towards your brand?

TikTok is arguably the most recent and rapidly growing social media platform at the current moment. It is aimed towards people creating short videos to share and is known for shooting people to popularity from their videos going viral. TikTok is of the most part an informal social media platform, meaning that it wouldn’t be suited to some brands. The informality of it allows for the more successful content creators to appear relatable to their followers and earns them more followers.

Instagram, on the other hand, has the capability of being both formal and informal, allowing for lots of different businesses to advertise themselves on the platform and still find the audience they are looking for.

If you’re more in the trades (for example if you specialise in resin bound driveways), you may fair better off on Facebook, where you can comment and get involved in community groups.

Social Media Management

The thought of developing a space on social media for your business may sound daunting, or it may sound amazing but very time consuming. That’s where social media management comes in. Hiring somebody to manage your brand’s social media accounts could be very beneficial for some businesses. Growing a following without having to worry about scheduling posts and staying relevant on social media would be an excellent option for people who are too busy to focus fully on promoting their brand. Social media management would also engage with followers and possible customers online, helping to build relationships with clients and gain a loyal following.



In an overview, social media strongly benefits companies of all sizes in a variety of different ways. It has the potential to, if used correctly, gain traction for the brand, and bring in more clients while also raising brand awareness. Although posting multiple times a day sounds incredibly time consuming, having help from social media management allows for you to reap the benefits of it. Check out our social media packages here:

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