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Why does your website need a great value proposition?

14th March 2019
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There are millions of websites out there, but how many of them actually convert? As surprising as it may be, a converting website is not the one with a modern and expensive design or cool features; the element that helps websites convert is content and great content offers a great value proposition.


What is a value proposition? According to Wikipedia, a value proposition the benefit that you promise to deliver to your potential customers. It is a short statement describing how your product or service can help your customers overcome the challenges they are facing and it is very important that it clearly explains a competitive advantage your product has over the competition.


I will take an example of a website we have recently built for a forklift hire company, Forklift Solutions. Going through several examples of their value propositions, I will explain the most important elements of a good value proposition.



Flexible hire – rolling agreements to suit your needs


value proposition


This value proposition uses the right image and the message is benefit oriented. The company offers flexible cooperation and a rolling agreement that continues until someone (probably the customer) decides to end it, rather than one that continues until a particular date.

Exclusive and immediate stock & short term hire available


 value proposition


Again, the image complements the products/services advertised and the message points out that immediate stock and short-term hire is available (from one day to five years). This is very important because many companies do have a minimum contract length.

Fully refurbished trucks with extended warranties


value proposition


Though the image is missing, this part of the website is pretty eye-catching because there is a slider, a number of messages (value propositions) move, which attracts the visitors’ attention. The message is clear and points out the value of the products and services the company offers.

Delivering a professional service at the right price


value proposition


The price is something that the customers might not mention first, but it’s no doubt they will wonder about it first. Again, this message is placed in a slider and a moving message/image perfectly catches visitors’ eye. Pointing out to the quality and professionalism, the message mentions the price too.

Wrap up

A website that converts needs to a value proposition and it also needs to be clearly communicated, otherwise the visitors won’t be able to see the benefits of using your products or services. When writing your website copy, think about what you do better than your competitors and communicate this clearly in order to differentiate your products or services from your competitors.


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