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When is it time to redesign and update your website?

7th January 2019
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There is no need to tell you how important it is to have a well-functioning website. However, how do you know when it’s time to refresh your existing one? We are going to tell you more about the signs that are hinting you to do something about it.

1. You don’t remember when was the last time you’ve updated or redesigned it

I’m sure you have noticed how quickly everything changes and how advanced the technologies became in just a couple of years. That trend is indeed valid for the websites and how they function, but also how Google would rank them. There is not a specific time frame about how often to update your site, but if you haven’t done anything in more than five years, you might need to look into it. A great example of a regular update is the website of Norvic Aero Engines LTD. Norvic is one of the leading aircraft engine overhaul companies and ranks very well on Google.

2. It’s difficult to make small changes

If you are not able to make small changes like adding news and blog posts to your website without looking for professional help you can massively benefit from a redesign. A great option would be to build your site on WordPress using its simple Content Management System (CMS). Adding products, changing descriptions and updating images could be so easy and straightforward with a CMS.

3. Your website looks outdated compared to your competitors

Most of your potential customers will do their research and visit yours and the websites of your competitors before making a purchase. If your website looks old-fashioned compared to others fresh and sleek sites, you will be at a disadvantage. Also, the user experience is of significant importance and if your visitors have difficulties to navigate through your website that could cost you potential revenue.

4. Your website doesn’t have a mobile responsive design

People no longer only use desktop computers and the lack of responsive design could be incredibly frustrating to your visitors that use mobile devices. For example, most of the users will browse the web through their mobile phones while commuting to work or waiting on a queue and wouldn’t spend much time to navigate through a website which is not responsive.

5. You are not getting the expected traffic and conversions rate through your website

If the main purpose of your website is to attract leads and convert them into clients, it will be very disappointing not to get the right results. That could be a sign that you would need to sit down and change something. Possible pitfalls could be all of the aspects we’ve mentioned above, but also could be that your website doesn’t rank well on Google.


As your website could be the first impression, your customers could get of your business make sure you don’t fall behind the competition. If you need help contact us for a friendly consultation!

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