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Website redesign case study: Autonomous

28th January 2019
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An FM integrator, Autonomous, has approached us to assist with their new website. They wanted to redesign the website and the goal was to match the style developed for the company’s offline branding and to create a website with greater and better-optimized use of call to actions in order to improve conversion rates and the flow the website.


During the initial meeting with the client, they have helped us understand the main goals of the re-design and have also answered some of the questions we needed to start working on the design concept. This meeting has also helped us gather important information about the style, colour palette, client’s personal preferences, likes and dislikes. Knowing that content on the existing website would need only minor changes, has helped us in terms of content order, layout and page structure, and we had all we needed to start working on this interesting new project.


We created a design concept focusing on two main goals: better use of call to action/improvement of conversion rates and matching the company’s offline branding.


  • We opted for a hamburger menu, decreasing the chances of overwhelming visitors and cluttering the homepage.
  • We have utilised enhanced calls to action to instantly catch the eye and lead to conversions.
  • In terms of photography, the client liked the use of dynamic cityscapes that include iconic buildings, and this perfectly fit the wanted style.
  • The style used features the circles and a modern feel that appeals to their target audience.
  • The wow effect that the client was looking for was achieved through a combination of minimal design, photography, page layout and a modern feel.


Following the requirements, we have created a brand new website with the improved features focusing on call to actions, conversions, modern photography and look and feel and here are the results:


This is what the website looked like before we redesigned it:





And this is what we have created following the requirements while having the freedom to express our own creativity and combining it with our expertise and imagination:


Autonomous v2

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