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Website Design Case Study: Renew Life

22nd February 2019
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Renew Financial Management Limited has recently approached us because they needed a website for their daughter company, Renew Life. This was a great and exciting project to work on and it went smoothly, given that we had previously designed and built a website for the parent organisation, Renew Financial Management.


Specialising in Home and Life Insurance, Renew Life needed a website that would look trustworthy to its target audience. Since their speciality area was focusing on important and serious decisions, the client needed a professional-looking website that potential customers could trust. On the other hand, they wanted a website that would maintain a sense of fun and vibrancy.


Right from the start, the client encouraged us to be creative and use our imagination to design a stunning website that would best represent their business and values.

  • Based on the requirements, we saw this project as an opportunity to be creative and match the unmatchable – a life insurance company website that still maintains an element of playfulness.
  • We have opted for vibrant pink as the main colour and spiced it up with bits of bright green and white to create the contrast with a positive and optimistic connotation.
  • The hero image we have chosen complements the company slogan – the image of a happy and carefree family perfectly matches the slogan next to it – “Renew Life Give Your Family Peace of Mind”.
  • Company services and products use bespoke illustrations, and these illustrations greatly add to the playfulness and optimism.
  • The homepage features a video which is delicately placed in the hero.
  • We suggested adding a user rating section to the homepage with the idea to provide the best social proof one might want – client reviews and ratings.
  • The design features a balanced use of the content, eye-catching calls to action and white space, leading to a great user experience.

Want to see how we matched the unmatchable? Check out Renew Life’s website using the link above.

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