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Web Design: Custom vs Template Websites

Maja Krajewska
13th July 2021
2 minute read

When deciding which type of website you should go for, it is important to understand and evaluate all the options available to you. So what’s the difference behind custom web design and website templates?

Custom Design:

First things first, a custom website is built to your specification and tailor-made to your business requirements. It is not only customisable in terms of visual aesthetics and styling but also allows unlimited freedom when it comes to features and functions.

Your website will be entirely unique. Whatever services or products it is that you deal in, you’ll be best represented by a site that sets you apart from the hoards of other businesses which opt for generic website templates.

The world is your oyster in terms of design with custom sites and there is nothing that is impossible.

Template Based Websites:

If you have a tighter budget and would prefer something more affordable, then templates would be the option for you.

These are pre-built design packages that offer ready-made sites. There is variety in styles and themes yet this type of website design is limiting and does not allow any web designer to shine. Don’t be put off by this, there are thousands of different templates available out there and there is one for everyone. 

You can get the most out of your website template by using your designer’s tasteful eye to personalise the template to your needs and their technical abilities and knowledge to ensure all the required features and functions are in place.

Sleeky Tip: if you do decide to opt for a template website then ensure you use show-stopping and original imagery across all pages as this will make your website look more unique.


We would recommend templates to SME’s that are testing the digital waters or are at the beginning of their digital journey before taking the plunge to design their own, unique site.

In terms of SEO on template websites, this would be a less effective choice for those that plan to rely on digital marketing and the potential of their site to contribute effectively to the growth of your business. Achieving great SEO results with template websites can be difficult as it has been done before and is already available on the internet. On top of this, the quality of build behind your chosen template website will also affect your SEO results – if the quality of the back end of the site is low, then it will also be harder for the site to reach the top of a search engines results page.

The Takeaway

Custom Design


+ Tailormade to suit your needs

+ Achieves better SEO results

+ Almost limitless when it comes to features



– Time-consuming

– Requires advance technical knowledge

– Can be more expensive


Template Design


+ Time-efficient

+ There are thousands of templates to choose from

+ Affordable



– Poorer SEO performance

– Limited in design

– You competitor may be using the same template

To conclude:

Each and every day business owners have to make difficult decisions weighing up their options with two main factors at the forefront: cost and quality. A free or low-cost template may appear to make sense financially, but you are more often than not foregoing a great deal when it comes to the quality of your site. In these modern times, your website is the first thing clients see therefore it’s important to make a positive, lasting impact. 

Both types of websites have their advantages and disadvantages so weighing up your options is important. If you are looking for more information on which type of website’s best for you then please do drop us a message, we’re always up for a chat!

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