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Video Background and Why to use it

18th December 2018
3 minute read

Are you looking at different ways to make your website stand out from the competition and convert more visitors into subscribers and customers? A great way to do that is Video Background! We are going to give you some ideas and help you decide if a video background is the right fit for you.

Create a Vibe

Videos are an extremely powerful way to grab attention and create a vibe. Adding a video background to your website will make the whole experience much more dynamic and engaging for your audience. Although an increasing number of companies are adding videos to their websites, it is still a perfect way to set apart from the competition. A great way to do that is to create your own unique video. A great example of that could be a creative video company Media Borne based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Not only do they use an impressive video on the homepage, but they also maximise its value by presenting and describing their services in it. Check out their fantastic website to get some fresh ideas.

Media Borne 1

Showcase Products

Have you ever thought about how often you watch videos in order to evaluate specific products and decide if you like them or not? Videos are an extremely helpful and valuable tool to present your products and their capabilities. As more and more people are shopping online, they would like to get a better understanding of the products before buying them. Why not include some of your most popular products or services in a video background? You will instantly captivate and engage your audience. Another fascinating example of that approach is the website of Drone Services. They use video as a perfect way to showcase their services: aerial videography, aerial photography, aerial survey & inspection.

Drone Services

Give your business personality

Videos are a fantastic way to give a human face to a corporate website or make it look more exciting and visualise the services. Even a short welcoming video from the company team would help to build trust and reassurance in your audience. Services and their benefits are more difficult to explain, however, video can help here too because it can stimulate and enhance the understanding of the services. Belfund, a commercial and residential development funding company, uses a video background to build up their personality and represent their high-end looking website.




In conclusion, videos are an incredibly useful way to make your website more interactive or engaging and they also showcase your products and services. As long as you use an appropriate and relevant video, you will be able to grab and retain visitors’ attention, which would lead to more conversion opportunities. If you want to make sure you have an immaculate video background and a great website, get in touch we would love to help you!

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