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Using Social Media to your Advantage

Ben Kershaw
1st March 2022
2 minute read

We can assume you know of most of the social media platforms by now, but are you using them effectively or at all with your business? If you aren’t you are certainly missing a few tricks with today’s advertisement and marketing possibilities.

Everyone is on social media these days, brands and personal accounts alike, so it’s no surprise that these platforms are used heavily in modern marketing to maximise brand exposure, gain potential customers and interact effortlessly with existing members of your community. Here are a few ways you can use Social Media to the benefit of your company.


Analysis and Analytics

You probably know by now but Competitor Analysis is a very important practice in order to gain an advantage in your market.

Social media is a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening in your industry, what’s successful with your competitors and see how you can better their existing strategies. This may also give you a detailed insight to the identity of your target audience so you can optimise your service based on the information in their socials.

Another brainy (boring) use in most social media platforms is an integrated analytics tool, used to learn the ins and outs of your account, its traffic and what kinds of posts do better than others. We explored Instagram’s professional dashboard in-depth in Instagram’s Professional Dashboard & Why You Ought to Explore It.

Consistency in Communication

Any social platform can act as a great medium of communication between a brand and its customers, building a bond is important as it promotes a great customer experience. Posting regular updates and interacting with your followers, answering questions etc. will increase traffic to your page and hopefully build loyalty in the users you encounter.

With the correct links between your social media and your website, constant communication and exposure can send potential customers from your media platform directly to you. You can read more about Social Media & Your Website on our Sleeky Blog.


Add Personality

Now we’ve finished discussing the boring analytics, it’s time for some fun! Adding personality and moving away from a corporate regime on your socials makes you much more approachable, providing you keep it relatively professional. Speaking to your customers on a personal level, instead of these automated replies we see so much of, and giving insights to your own ethos and visions will strengthen the bond with your followers and increase your reputation with the users that see your posts.


Wrap Up!

As we all probably already knew, social media is kind of crucial nowadays for a great customer experience, but it also adds an extra channel for your business to grow. We have plenty more posts regarding social media on our blog page you should check it out!

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