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Using Background Video On Your Website

10th April 2017
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When it comes to creating a striking website one technique that’s been gathering pace is background video.  The instant way to grab someone’s attention is with a moving image and a lot of people like the fact that it looks modern and sleek. We’ve seen an increase in moving content and so we thought we’d explore the benefits of streaming a background video on your website.

Make it easy

People don’t read all the text on a webpage, they skim it. In fact studies have shown that on average only 28% of text on a webpage is read.

Give them an easy way to access the information they need and they’ll take it. Video is a great to demonstrate what you do or get a message across in a short space of time.

Showcase your work

We recently created a website for a company that carries out drone photography. They wanted to show the diversity of their services and educate people on this relatively new technology. They gave us a showreel which demonstrated all their drone services and we used it as a full screen background video on their homepage (below). You can view the finished effect here.

drone services

Encourage regular visitors

Getting people to visit your website on a regular basis is very difficult. One way is by posting regularly to a blog and sharing on social media. Another way is by regularly updating video content.

Websites like this one should regularly add new drone video showcasing the latest projects and interesting work they’ve done, for example if they’ve surveyed a new stately home that people may be interested in.



Improve your SEO

Google loves it when you add new content to your website and video is a great way of doing this.

Don’t just add it to your website though, create a youtube channel and regularly add new videos that showcase what you do linking back to your site (did we mention that Google owns Youtube…?!)

You can add targeted keywords to your video to bolster your SEO even more.

Engage your audience

Video is a great way of engaging with your audience in a way that text and images can’t. It’s a good way of getting shares on social media and opening yourself up to an even bigger audience.

Stand out

The chances are your competitors aren’t using video, and even if they are it’s a great way of differentiating your company and showing your personality. It doesn’t have to be serious – you can have fun with it and still get your message out there. Be entertaining and you’re more likely to be remembered and it might even go viral!

Show quality

One way to demonstrate the quality of your product or service is through background video. We created a website for a care home group based in Newcastle who have state-of-the-art facilities and wanted people to see this as soon as they landed on their homepage. The video background means that visitors are instantly impressed and are taken on a virtual tour of the building, making it very quick and easy for them to engage with the business.


If you’d like to discuss the ways that background video could be applied to your website and whether it’s the right thing for your business please get in touch.

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