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Using AI to Optimise Your Marketing

Ben Kershaw
8th June 2022
3 minute read

Technical evolution over the last decade or so has allowed for an infinite amount of directional possibilities in terms of Digital Marketing and the online world. There are so many viable marketing solutions these days that have been developed to a point where they have become almost a necessity in modern solutions.

At Sleeky, it’s our job to keep up with all of these trends and new developments, a rather prominent of which is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although this may not be a new concept, its certainly come a long way with heavy investment and, whilst many may not be aware, has become a staple in the marketing industry. Behind the scenes, AI can be used throughout a business venture to optimise marketing strategies and management, but how? Here’s a few uses for Artificial Intelligence in your business:


Improved CRM Strategies and Personalisation

The use of artificial intelligence allows for data to be automatically collected on each unique user, making it much easier to personalise your communications to suit your audience as individuals. Appealing to a target market is all well and good, but a customer would feel much more engaged and cared for if you fulfil their needs and treat them as a unique individual.

Larger companies have the ability to take personalisation a step further. AI allows for the collection of data regarding things like; purchases, location, age etc. for targeted adverts tailored content. A great example would be Netflix and how they recommend shows based on a combination of what you already watch and your age group. This kind of AI can easily be used on all kinds of Ecommerce sites to sell relative products to unique customers.


Content Management and Analytics

We’ve all seen on Instagram and various social platforms, there’s usually an analytics plugin to show you information on your followers, what posts do well at what times etc. This is AI that collects and processes data from your posts and audience to show you in a simple visual format. Using this allows the marketer to post optimised content, further establishing an improved CRM strategy!


Customer Service Bots

Employing a handful of customer service agents and social media managers can cost a pretty penny and can get complicated. Chat bots and machine learning AI make informed, automated responses and are available 24/7, and don’t require a salary! You can set responses for the chatbots so they redirect customers to further help or services, whilst they learn their FAQs and answers. Some people actually do prefer speaking to a chatbot as it can be made very straightforward for simple problems.


AI in Search Engines

Search engines like Google make up the majority of the internet these days and are largely ran through AI. From things like Autofill in the search query, to personalised search results and adverts, AI is responsible for most of what you see on your search pages, it even recognises patterns in your voice! (If you use the voice search at all that is)

The Wrap Up

Hopefully this shed some light into just how heavily integrated AI is into the digital world and a handful of the ways you can benefit from its use. Check out some other Digital Marketing Techniques Worth Considering on our blog!

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