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Trends to Consider for Your Last-Minute Festive Marketing Strategy 2021

Abbey Warne
30th October 2021
3 minute read

As the months quickly disappear and we edge closer to Christmas, when it comes to planning your festive marketing strategy, you might feel like you’re running out of time. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these 100% effective last-minute marketing trends.

This year, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’ve perfected your Christmas marketing strategy since everyone missed out on the festive experience last year. At a time where we were supposed to be attending parties or going on Christmas shopping dates, instead, we were overcome by tier restrictions and lockdowns. So, everyone will want to get back out there and go big this season, which means you’ll want to be armed at the ready.



In particular, the pandemic has meant that an increased emphasis has been placed on the importance of shopping local, so, this year, it really is your small businesses’ time to shine!


Trends for Your Last-Minute Festive Marketing Strategy

Using Instagram Guides for Festive Roundups

In the past year, you may have noticed the popular feature that many brands have used: Instagram Guides. If you haven’t already, we would definitely advise that you hop onto the trend and give it a go. This feature, which you can add images of your products to, along with text, is perfect for roundups that will, for example, help attract customers to your online store. For instance, you could create a guide that includes your products with the title “Five Festive Gift Ideas for Him.” They are a quick, concise way to advertise festive stock rather than a blog post, considering an internet users’ attention span is now around eight seconds.


Get Involved with Influencer Marketing

Since the past few years have witnessed the rising success of the video-sharing platform, TikTok, which is expected to exceed 1 billion users by the end of the year, the presence of online influencers is becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, it’s important to consider reaching out to them to market your festive products. This could be as simple as sending some items to an influencer and asking them to do an Instagram post in the form of a review or even asking them to post a TikTok where they are wearing your brand’s t-shirts. This form of marketing is particularly significant if you want your products to reach young adults, and will, as a result, help you to reach a much wider audience through social media.

Offering a Simple Thank You to Customers

Customers put a lot of thought into gift buying during the festive period, which means that even your regular customers might decide they want to take a look at what else is on offer. So, to make sure that they stay loyal, especially with so much competition out there, you have to show your appreciation. For instance, you might have noticed, especially in recent times, that when you order from small businesses, sometimes you’ll receive a beautifully designed card or leaflet, which thanks you for making a purchase and it might also give you a discount code. It could even be a good idea to send your thank you via a festive email, too.



The Takeaway

We hope we have helped you to plan an effective marketing strategy in time for the Christmas period, which, this year, will probably be bigger than ever, so make sure you’re prepared! You might also find it useful to take a look at our post on using Instagram’s Professional Dashboard, which will help you track the performance of your small business.


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