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Top 5 Tips for Your Digital Presence – Food and Drink Industry

Abbey Warne
Abbey Warne
7th November 2021
3 minute read

If you own a restaurant or café, you might already have a digital presence, or you could be thinking about starting one. These days, there are over 4 billion users on social media, so it’s easy to see how using online platforms to promote your business can attract more customers.

It’s important to consider who your audience is and the best methods to attract them online. For instance, a picture posted of a pink cake with flowers on would be likely to appeal to a younger audience. So, if your customers are primarily in the over 50s age category, you would probably struggle to tempt them with this. However, that being said, you could use the caption to make it more suitable. So, if you post it and say, ‘bring your grandkids along to try this cake,’ this would be much more likely to encourage them to pay a visit.

Another aspect to consider is using the right platform. If you’re looking to attract teens, try Instagram and TikTok. But, to attract an older audience, Facebook would be better.

So, marketing online really does require a lot of thought. But, don’t worry, now we’ve told you the basics, we have a few handy tips that will help to boost your digital presence. Oh, and for some inspiration, take a look at how we helped to develop these businesses online.


Tips for Your Digital Presence


Take a Look at Your Competitors

Whether they are based locally or further afield, it’s important to keep an eye on the food businesses that attract a similar market to yours. This means that you should make a note of the areas these companies are successful in and vice versa, online. This will allow you to identify the opportunities that your café, restaurant etc. can fulfil, which will help to grow its digital presence.


Advertise Your USP Across Online Platforms

When it comes to building a digital presence, your USP (Unique Selling Point) should be one of the first elements to consider. This should address how your business is different from competitors. For instance, do you use locally sourced produce? Do you cater to events? Whatever it is, use it across your platforms and in other relevant marketing materials, such as press releases.

Encourage Visitors to Post About Your Business

An easy, hassle-free way of getting your business noticed is by encouraging your customers to post pictures of their food and drink online, once they have paid a visit. By sharing this with their followers, they will provide increased brand awareness for your company and, therefore, help to attract customers.

Work on Your Food Photography Skills

Your business might sell the best burgers in the world, but, if that’s not how it comes across online, you might be driving away potential customers without even realising it. So, doing some simple research on how you can improve your food photography skills and setting aside room in the budget for the relevant equipment, will be likely to benefit your business in the long run.

Use Influencer Marketing

There has never been a better time to partner with an influencer than in 2021. This could be as simple as asking them to visit your restaurant, for example, and post a picture of the food accompanied by a positive review. With up to millions of followers, they can help to significantly spread the word about your business. But, make sure their followers consist of the audience you want to attract.



The Takeaway

We hope you have learned a few simple techniques that you can use to help boost the digital presence of your business. We also have some great advice on how to make it more discoverable to a local audience by developing your local SEO strategy. Check this out here.

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