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Top 5 reasons why people leave your website

25th February 2019
3 minute read

If you notice a drop in your website conversion rate, it will probably be difficult to tell the cause, however, if you spend some time figuring out what can be improved on your website, you might be able to pinpoint the exact reason for the conversion rate drop. Some of the most common reasons people leave websites are listed below.


Slow-loading website

According to ZnetLive, visitors expect a webpage to load in up to 2 seconds and about 40% of them will leave the website if it does not load in 3-5 seconds. It sounds harsh but it is true – in 2018, the average page load time was just over 1 second and though it might be acceptable not to want your website to be faster than average it is not acceptable to have a slow loading website that will drive away your visitors.

Mobile unfriendly website

Over 50% of all online traffic was generated through mobile phones in 2018 and the numbers are going up! Imagine what an unresponsive website would do to your website traffic and conversion rate. For this reason, a responsive version of a website is included in our standard web design package – we do not want our customers to miss out all that crowd and mobile phone visits.

Poor user experience

The user experience success is reflected in the simplicity of website navigation. It needs to be clear, and important information needs to be visible. If people have difficulties navigating your website, they are more likely to leave and never visit it again. The optimal number of navigation menu elements is 5-10 and the website layout needs to have a good structure and intuitive design. We followed these simple user experience rules when building a website for Abbey Masterbatch, a masterbatch manufacturer and this helped us create a website with great user flow and simple navigation.

Weak calls to action

One of the first things I’d do if I needed to figure out the reason for low conversions on a website, is probably looking into call to action buttons. They need to be carefully distributed on every page of a website, this is what enables people to easily access the most important and relevant information on your website. If you want to create engaging call to action buttons, you can use contrasting colours or interesting images that will lead your visitors to the next click and an answer to any questions they might have.

Poor content

Though the human brain processes images and colours faster than words, content is no less important than your colour palette or website layout. If your content is too wordy, cluttered with keywords or too broad, your visitors will certainly notice it and this won’t leave a positive impression on them. So, make sure your content is clear, targeted and well written so that your target audience can understand and relate to it


Admittedly, there are many factors to consider if you notice a drop in your website’s conversion rate and a further analysis of your website design, looks and performance needs to be carried out. The above are just a few examples of where things might go wrong, and these are the things I look into first when approached by clients with this particular problem.

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