Top 3 Domain Name Management Tips

1st April 2019
2 minute read

Your business name can leave one of the first impressions on your potential clients and so can your domain name. A domain name is your website address, which could be your business name or just a combination of characters followed by ”.com”, ””, ”.org”, etc. You may get as many domain names and extensions as you want and these can point the users to your website. So, if they spell the business name wrong or do not enter the entire address, they will still be taken to your website. In this post, we are going to give you some tips for the basics of domain name management and tell you what to watch out for.

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1. Domain Renewal

One of the most important and crucial aspects is to make sure you renew your domain name on time. If you fail to do that, it could lead to website and email failure. It could also result in losing your domain name, which could be detrimental to the business. To prevent these things from happening, you need to ensure you know where the domain name is registered and have the login details handy and safe. Additionally, paying for a couple of years in advance could be a good idea if you want to avoid the hassle of renewing the domain name too often. In case you don’t have the domain information, you could contact your hosting provider or web developer and check if they might be able to help with that.

2. Set up your domain name

There are a few things you need to look out for to make sure you set up your domain name correctly. Firstly the domain name needs to point to your hosting provider’s name server and you will need the login details to set this up. If your hosting provider is happy to help you with that, they would need the domain information. Keep in mind this would not be an instant process and it could take up to 48 hours for your website to show up on the internet.

3. Types of Domains

You could purchase different types of domains and extensions for your website, for example ”.net”, ”.org” or international domain like ”.de”, ”.fr”, ”.ca”, etc. Although all of the domain names will be accessible in any country, certain names and extensions could be more appropriate and bring higher traffic in specific regions. For example, if you are targeting an audience in the UK, it could be more beneficial for you to choose a domain that ends with ””.


It could be tricky to come up with a perfect name for your business with an available domain name that matches your business name. For this reason, when you finally dig up one, make sure you follow the tips above to avoid nasty surprises and protect your domain name. We understand things could be busy and stressful when starting and growing your new business. That is why we are here and would love to help you manage your website correctly, as we recently did for Waltons Marquee Hire which allowed them to focus on their business and provide excellent service to their customers.

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