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Tips For Online Success: The Toon Edition

Anna Veitch
Anna Veitch
21st July 2021
3 minute read

Looking to get your local business rising to the top when it comes to search engine results on prolific sites such as Google, Apple Maps and Bing? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Today we’ll be running through a brief outline of everything you need to know to get your Newcastle based business thriving. Because if there’s one thing we know here at Sleeky, it’s how to stand out in the Toon.

Localised SEO? What’s that?

Localised SEO may sound complicated, but really it simply refers to region-specific advertising that’s done online, in this case, Newcastle based SEO. Plenty of local businesses in and around the toon are set up with the intention of only serving residents within the local area. This means that localised SEO is an essential facet of their online marketing.

In order to tap into your nucleus of potential local customers within the North East, you need to optimise your online presence carefully. Two of the simplest and most straightforward ways to go about doing this are by utilising local keywords as well as setting up your Google My Business listing.

The lowdown on local keywords

It’s essential for Newcastle based business owners to identify which keywords are driving local traffic on the web. If you’re a Newcastle based florist, for instance, you’ll want the content on your website to tap into the sorts of keywords that will push local browsers in your direction. Focus on more specific terms. So instead of “florists” or “UK florists”, more useful to you would be “florists Newcastle upon Tyne” or “florists Newcastle City Centre“. Keywords such as these will have far fewer results than nationwide searches.

Once you’ve identified keywords and phrases – which may include further detail in regards to what your customer base is typically searching for, i.e. “fresh flowers“, “weddings flowers” or “sustainable floristry” – you can start producing high-quality content for your site that makes use of these keywords. This will help you to rank higher.

Google business listings? What’re those?

So, why don’t we kick things off with a shocking figure: despite the fact that 46% of all Google searches are localised, an overwhelming 56% of independent local businesses haven’t even claimed their Google My Business listing. These are the listings that appear through Google Maps, and they are some of the most visible listings that can crop up through Google’s search results. It’s essential that you tap into these listings as they’re free and most often generated based upon the location of the user making the search.

What are the benefits?

  • Several studies have shown that Google Maps make up a significant percentage of those clicks made by users searching for local products and services. These listings, when claimed, can therefore be a brilliant starting point for localised SEO.
  • Google My Business accounts are essential if you’re wanting to respond to your Google reviews. Seeing as though these reviews are a ranking factor on Google as well as being, allegedly, the number one influence on consumer buying, they’re pretty important.
  • Failing to tend to your Google My Business listing is not that far removed from having a neglected, poorly considered shop front. This is pretty unattractive to the proverbial “passers-by” who stumble across your business through local Google searches. These potential customers are, ultimately, way more likely to engage with those businesses that have a lot of updated information and lively activity that crop in the search results.

When properly optimised, your Google My Business listing is able to showcase your best features and services. This will best allow local users to discover, learn about, and contact your business with ease.

The Wrap Up

Quick lowdown on localised SEO

We hope you’ve got an idea of how to boost your Newcastle based business online through the utilisation of local keywords and Google My Business setup & optimisation. Savvy regional SEO techniques can only benefit your independent business. So, what’re you waiting for? It’s time to get cracking.

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