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Tips for Growing Your Instagram

Lola Connelly
12th April 2022
5 minute read

With more than 1.3 billion users, it is safe to say that Instagram is a popular social media app. And as a business, you can thrive from the valuable and potential opportunities Instagram has to offer from your audience. But what if you’re having trouble gaining or losing followers?

Well, we are here to help you grow your Instagram.

Not posting enough, and being too sales-y are the two main reasons for individuals to lose interest in your account. And like any social media, there are clever ways to gain loyal followers and increase engagement. Not only is Instagram one of the most popular apps for businesses and influencers alike, but it is also a brilliant way to promote, cultivate and empower your brand and connect with fresh audiences.

Quick stats

Due to the immense popularity, we thought it would be good to share some quick stats concerning Instagram:

  • Instagram is the second most downloaded app in the world (after TikTok)
  • 9 out of 10 users watch Instagram videos weekly
  • The most active brands post 17 stories a month
  • 44% of people use Instagram to shop
  • It is the 7th most visited website in the world

Effective tips for 2022

So, is it easy to grow a following on Instagram? It’s not necessarily the easiest, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s impossible. No matter your reason for being on Instagram, be it an influencer, marketer or personal use, it is always helpful to know some tips on how to stand out and build a platform. Check out these tips we have collated to help you on your growth journey.

Post at the Right Times

Get to know your audience, and provide a targeted approach. The best way for this is to monitor your analytics or even use a social media scheduler such as Later or Iconosquare to help you find the best times for your audience to engage.


Use Different Content Formats

Using different formats on Instagram such as stories, reels, photos and even live videos are a great way to engage your audience for longer. Going live can be the most daunting of the group, but it can be a fantastic way to interact with your audience and be more authentic. Authenticity is loved by audiences, so don’t be afraid to show this authentic side. For instance, you can showcase behind-the-scenes footage, host a Q&A session or just have a general catch up. Surprisingly, carousel posts have the highest engagement rate. So it’s always a good idea for a post to contain multiple different media forms in one. This will give you a high-impact post.


Quality over Quantity

The more you post, the more opportunity there is for audiences to comment, like and share. However, keep in mind that there is a thing as too much. Some may say posting one to three times a day is good, whilst others four to six times a week. It all depends on your audience and what works for you. Just remember to post high quality photos and videos with meaning, rather than spam content which will only cause your following rate to decline. Going back to our first tip, it is a good idea to mix and match the content you post each day. So, be strategic and not oversaturate your audience with the same material.


Write Strong and Catchy Captions

Always include captions, because after the post the caption is the second thing an individual will see. And in a sea of posts, it is usually the cool and witty captions which gain the most engagement first. Whether the caption is short or long, make sure they are informative, and fun for your audience. There are many different directions you can take with captions. For instance you can tag people, ask questions, and encourage your audience to comment by starting a conversation. You can even make your audience aware of competitions, and/or discount codes you have available.


Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most important parts of getting your content seen by people who don’t follow you. If used strategically, hashtags can help boost your content and gain additional likes. It is important for growing your platform, especially if you are new to Instagram. Whilst Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags within a post, it doesn’t mean you should use all 30 on every post. Sometimes having too many can make your content look spammy. So it is a good idea to use the right and relevant hashtags to attract a genuine audience. Do a bit of research and see what popular hashtags come up. A good tip for businesses and influencers is to use a mixture of brand, product category and location-specific keyword hashtags. You can also use hashtags within stories, which we encourage you to take advantage of.



Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the best and most powerful ways to boost your Instagram growth, awareness and online visibility. It is basically content, whether videos, photos, reviews etc, that has been curated by your own followers and audiences love their 15 minutes of fame. This not only helps create a more trusting relationship with potential customers but humanises your brand more. There are multiple ways that you can leverage UGC content for instance:

  • Add a call to action in your bio
  • Creating a brand hashtag feed for customers to post images
  • Run a contest

Reach out to your customers and ask for photos!

Attractive profile and Grid

There are multiple ways you can optimise your grid and make it attractive for audiences. Furthermore, your bio is one of the first things an individual will see after clicking on your profile, so it is crucial to make a good first impression and attract the right audience. Whilst you should add the basics such as a link to your website, and contact details, you should also give people a reason to follow. Make sure you stand out, and be clear and concise with who and what your business is about. When it comes to the Instagram grid, it is always best to plan in advance so you can see what works. Apps such as Preview are a great way to preview your grid before posting. You can organise by colour, collage, quotes. Whatever works for you.


Use CTA’s

There are several call-to-action buttons on Instagram that can be utilised. And for your tactics to work, these CTAs need to be used. For instance, a simple “swipe up to know more” on stories or “shop now” is a simple way to get your audience to take the desired action.


Get Local

Geotagging and local hashtags is like local SEO for websites, and it is a great tool to start socialising with your local community. Reaching out to local people who are interested is a particular niche and shouldn’t be underestimated.



The Wrap Up

Overall, there are quite a few steps you can take to gain your Instagram following. Doing a little bit of all of these tips will help you, just keep in mind it can take time, so be patient. Have a look at our most recent blog on the importance of HQ imagery here.


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