Tips for Creating a Well-Defined Brand Online

Abbey Warne
13th September 2021
3 minute read

When you start a business, building a brand across your website and social platforms is essential in developing the right customer base and then telling them what you’re all about.

There are various different elements to branding which include colour schemes, logos, imagery and loads more. However, what’s even more crucial is that you build your brand overtime to ensure that people are consistently visiting your website and social media to see what you’re all about, so don’t forget that unique selling point (more on that in a bit!).

Of course, once your website and social media pages are published it’s not just a case of letting them do their thing. You need to plan relevant material, tell your brand’s story and keep updating your website with suitable content and copy like products and testimonials. You should keep crafting and perfecting your brand to ensure customers stay 100% loyal.



Consistently Meet Customer Expectations

This point is so important in ensuring the success of your brand. If you’re not consistently delivering what you promise and therefore not meeting what customers expect, this could present your business as unreliable and they will go somewhere else. It’s easy to avoid this, though. For instance, Cabin Solutions have clearly signposted the types of cabins and containers they have in stock, separating them into ‘containers,’ ‘office,’ and ‘other,’ which means customers know what they’re getting and can easily search for suitable products.

Therefore, it’s really significant that you get to know your customers well (it might even be a good idea to do a few IG polls to understand their needs). The idea of your typical client should also be brainstormed during the planning stages. From this knowledge, you can write copy and even design your website in the way that you feel best suits your clients’ needs. But it’s equally important to consider what you should avoid; check out our post on this.

Stick to What Makes Your Brand Different

Once you’ve developed a unique selling point (check out this handy guide telling you what this is, why it’s important and where to apply it) then ensure you stick to it as your brand develops. This is vital as you’ll want your business to be noticed in a world where, thanks to social media, every weird and wonderful product and idea you can think of will likely be available somewhere. So, to generate ideas that will stand out from the crowd and, therefore, succeed, research popular trends. For example, vintage clothing, ethical beauty, sustainability – the list goes on. It will help if you place your own unique twist on them, too!

Keep Telling Your Story

As much as your brand shouldn’t be about you and should be more focussed on the customer, it’s important that you crop up every so often as a little ‘hey, it’s me. Don’t be scared to reach out!’ From an ‘about’ section on your website to an Instagram Reel of you creating products, showing your face in whatever way will show that you’re human too and put customers at ease, as they’ll know who’s behind the brand and won’t be venturing into the unknown when hopping onto a call with you. It will help to communicate your story in a different way, showing a clear passion and dedication to your area and could make other business owners more likely to connect with you, too. Doing this will be beneficial to you as well, as you’ll have everything documented online, showing how your brand has developed.


The Takeaway

We hope that we’ve helped you to come up with at least a few ideas on how to craft your brand to perfection and thrive online. After all, creating a business that your customers know they can trust and buy from is a crucial step when it comes to the recipe for success.

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