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The Top Five Features For Your New Website

22nd March 2021
3 minute read

So you’re creating a new website for your business – great! This is can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. However, with the correct guidance and support the build can be very fulfilling.

Once you’ve nailed your design, initial content (including logos and colour scheme), it’s time to think about what features you’d like to include on your site!

We’re here to help! Read on to see a list that we have created of the most effective website features and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve even specified which are best for each website category.

1/ Portfolio

There is no better way to sell a product or service than to directly show your client exactly what you offer, how it works and how your client can use it.

For example, if you’re a local joiner passionate about high quality glazing, you should definitely consider including case studies of previous jobs, imagery of your work in clients homes and testimonials of customer satisfaction stories.

This will build you a good reputation and allow potential customers to trust that you will complete their request to the highest standard. It’s also a good way to showcase your skills and pinpoint your area of expertise. Whether it’s doors and windows or more creative jobs such as fitting beautiful new kitchens.

2/ Live Chat

Clients love instant access to anything from imagery to human interaction.

Having a live chat option shows the client you are ready and motivated to speak to new clients. This also helps ensure that your potential customers aren’t getting frustrated that they can’t find what they want and leaving without giving you a chance.

Live chats are incredibly beneficial for all types of websites. Whether it’s an information website or e-commerce, your clients will appreciate having a direct and instant line of contact to you, majorly increasing their chances of reaching out and giving you an invaluable opportunity to connect!

3/ CTA Contact Form

Following on from our recent CTA blog, we’d like to reiterate the importance of CTAs followed by a contact form.

This enables your potential customers to reach out to you in their own time and let you contact them in a relaxed way.

Going back to our joiner example – a great example of a contact form CTA would be: “drop us a line now for a speedy quote” or “fill the form and get the job done”

4/ Social Media Preview

Having a preview of your social media feeds is especially important when you’re offering tangible products and have lots of content and visual imagery to show off to your clients.

This will give your website an edge, making sure that it constantly looks fresh and up to date. This also gives you another opportunity to advertise yourself on a different platform!

Showing off your social media by embedding this on your website gives your brand an identity boost – so why miss out?

5/ Interactive Map

If you have a physical store or workshop that you’d like clients to visit, it’s great to include a map on your site that’ll allow them to easily find you.

This not only shows you’re happy to accommodate customers but also adds credibility to your business. And don’t forget – include your contact details and post code for sat nav users!

In Conclusion

There are hundreds of potential features out there that you could use for your website which is why it’s extremely important to filter and find the ones which will be the most effective for your target audience.

The features you choose should make the navigation easier and push your potential customer to become your client.

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