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The Malhotra Group x Sleeky: A match made in heaven

Chloe Toogood
25th January 2023
4 minute read

One thing we value here at Sleeky is the relationships that we forge with our clients. Nothing makes us happier than when clients come back time and time again to use our services, strengthening that bond even more.

The Malhotra Group have been one of the best clients that we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years, and we’re here to sing their praises (and show off some of the websites we’ve made for them!)


Our Partnership 

The Malhotra Group owns a series of bars, restaurants, and hotels across Newcastle, and have been working with Sleeky since our inception.

We have both expanded since then, with The Malhotra Group setting their sights on a multi-million-pound development in India, and Sleeky growing in size and clientele.

So far, we have created various websites (some of which you’ll hear about in a little bit), and have helped them with their Digital Marketing strategy. In fact, we work together so well that we’ve just signed a yearlong Digital Marketing contract with them!

This contract is going to help The Malhotra Group with Search Engine Optimisation and Customer Relationship Management, hopefully boosting their online presence, and driving more traffic to their sites.

Here’s a quote from the Boss himself, Atul Malhotra, about working with us (just so you know we’re telling the truth!):

“We had faith in David from the start and he has never let us down… I worked with him before he founded Sleeky and not only did I trust him but I liked him…”

“…Loyalty matters very much to us as a family and as an organisation. We like to build strong and long-lasting relationships and this is an example of those.”

Pizza Dough Co., Three Mile, Great North Hotel

This is one of the most recent sites that we’ve done for The Malhotra Group, and presents as a kind of trio of websites, with all three of them being easily accessed from the others.

The website is a simple one, with a neutral grey colour scheme, and only a couple of pages for all the information. Something that we particularly like, is how there are links in the menu and the footer that easily lead you to the other establishments.

Let’s just look at Pizza Dough Co at the moment. The images provided are top quality, and really pop against the grey layout. The copy has been kept to a minimum, which makes it nice and concise, and overall, the page is just so easy to navigate.

We also added in links to Uber Eats, their menus, and the booking form, which is a really handy piece of functionality.

The websites for Three Mile and Great North Hotel feature the same or similar layout, but obviously with their own images and content. We love how they work both together, and as standalone pieces.


Leila Lily’s

It wouldn’t be a Malhotra Blog without looking at Leila Lily’s! Possibly one of the most decadent and bespoke websites we’ve done in the past year, the Leila Lily’s website is absolutely stunning if we do say so ourselves.

Leila Lily’s is The Malhotra Group’s flagship restaurant in Newcastle, and IT. IS. STUNNING! Just look at the interior, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?!! It’s like an Instagram influencer’s dream!

We knew that we had to make a website to fully capture the ambience and overall vibe of the restaurant, and set about making something fully bespoke and seamless. We studied the interior of the restaurant closely, and then translated that into the design of the website.

We love how the site has different parts of the design that move as it makes it more interesting than just having a static design and of course the reflection of the flowers (mainly lilies) in the illustrations in the background.

Like with the other websites mentioned, we had to make sure that the functionality was on point, and integrated a booking form for total ease and speed. For the same reasons, we added a contact form just in case customers have any pressing enquiries.

The Runhead

The website that we created for The Runhead is contemporary and on brand. Much like with Pizza Dough Co (and the others), the website looks sleek with its limited colour palette, which allows the content to shine.

The focal point of this website is definitely the video hero that features on a couple of the pages. This adds something that is more interesting to look at, and gives people a better idea of what they can expect if they decide to go. The buzzing atmosphere, the tasty food… it’s enough to make us want to book a table!

Another feature that we really like is the testimonial slider underneath the hero. We know that the businesses in The Malhotra Group smash it time and time again, but it’s nice for the world to see that their establishments are more than worth going to, and this slider proves that!

It’s time to wrap it up

We’ve only shown you a snippet of the things that our partnership with The Malhotra Group has created, and we are so excited to show you all what we’ve got in the pipeline.

It’s the start of a brand-new year, and that means there’s so much more to come from Malhotra x Sleeky, especially when it comes to their digital marketing goals. This won’t be the last time you hear of us!

Like we said before, our partnerships are very important to us, and we are so grateful to Atul, and all of those at The Malhotra Group for bringing us the best challenges, and allowing us to execute our creative vision.

We’re very lucky to have clients as great as this, and are so excited to see what the future holds for us both!

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