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The Importance of Website Accessibility

Chloe Grimmer
15th July 2022
3 minute read

With so many internet users from varying demographics traversing the digital landscape in 2022, making your brand as palatable as possible is vital to its holistic success.

Website accessibility is often overlooked as a general aspect of web design and content curation, but it can make or break the way your company appears to the public; both online, and in actuality.  There are tons of intricate ways to ensure that your services are widely available – for example, by using screen readers to assist those with certain disabilities – that you can and should consider utilising as a company.  Stick around to learn more as we break down the key benefits behind prioritising general accessibility when designing your website.


It Maximises Website Traffic Exponentially 

Ensuring that your website is consistently available to all sorts of potential users is one of the key ways to drive up overall webpage traffic. It rivals SEO and viral advertisement as a marketing tactic, so try not to overlook this integral part of curating optimal brand exposure for your company. Remember, If your business is only operating for a select few, it won’t get very far in the notoriously diversified internet age.

Easy Accessibility Attracts a Diverse Clientele 

Building off of our first point, it’s easy to see why implementing high levels of accessibility into your website’s functionality increases brand engagement. A large and varied client pool is an absolute asset to any company – and looking for innovative avenues toward building one should always remain a priority. A substantial way of working on that is by considering the small, yet important aspects of your website that need to be revamped in order to make your brand’s digital hub easy to use for everyone.

Boosts Overall Brand Reputation 

In 2022, customers are highly attracted to brand’s that share their core morals and values. Including features such as closed captioning on video content, or a highly contrasting colour scheme, is a great way to show the public that your business truly cares about the audience it’s marketing itself to. Additionally, it increases the likelihood that various other companies and influencers will want to collaborate with your team and associate with them publicly, increasing overall visibility in the public eye.

Increases Equity for Marginalized Groups

Perhaps the greatest benefit of increasing accessibility across the board when it comes to operating efficiently online as a brand, is the knowledge that you are contributing to the fight for equity for marginalized groups. From the inclusion of captioning for those who may be hard of hearing, to the implementation of screen readers and everything in between  – there is so much that can be done to ensure that all of your clients are given equal opportunity to engage with your services.

In light of these key advantages regarding website accessibility, it’s not hard to understand why it’s such an important aspect to keep in mind while curating your brand’s digital presence in 2022.


The Wrap Up

From heavily increasing the likelihood of consistent audience interaction, to promoting fair accessibility guidelines for those with disabilities, ensuring that your business is hosting an accessible online space for all is always good practice. Check out our Web Design services for further help regarding accessible websites!

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