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The Importance of Meta Titles & H1 Tags in Modern Websites

23rd October 2017
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There’s no point investing in a highly engaging, responsive website, if no one is able to find it, right?

This is why it’s vital that businesses of all shapes and sizes recognise the importance of investing in a strong, highly targeted SEO campaign in order optimise the visibility of their website, increase traffic and boost revenue.

And, due to the over-crowded nature of the digital world, today it’s more important than ever before that businesses do everything they can to stand out from the crowd.

Website designers can use a number of SEO tools and tactics to give your website the best chance of being seen, including Meta Titles and H1 Tags…they’re not as complicated as they sound, we promise!

Used to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, Meta Titles and H1 Tags help to increase your Google ranking and retrieve valuable information that can then be used to optimise traffic and conversions.

What are Meta Titles and H1 Tags?

Meta Titles and H1 Tags are now an integral part of any digital marketing campaign and their power shouldn’t be underestimated. An effective way to classify content so to make it easy for search engines to understand, Meta Titles and H1 Tags should be incorporated in every website.

H1 Tags

The header tag (H1Tag) is the title of a post, text, or product description on a website page. It is the largest text on the page and its sizes emphasises its relevance and importance.

Meta Titles

A Meta Title is a 160-character text that summarises a web page’s content. One of the most important aspects of on page SEO, this snippet of information should be clear, concise and inspire action. It should also contain all relevant keywords and phrases, as it is the block of text which is shown on the front page of search engine search results.

But why are they so important?

Designed to boost your site’s rankings, Meta Tags and H1 Titles are the driving force behind all on-page optimisation efforts.

Having demonstrated the ability to increase traffic and maximise engagement, these SEO tactics are now considered as being one of the most effective ways of optimising on-page SEO.

All title tags should always contain as many key words as possible, in order to give your website the best chance of being found. We have recently worked alongside The National Renal Complement Therapeutics Centre to design and develop their website from scratch. As part of our content marketing efforts, we ensured that all of the website content included SEO Meta Tags and H1 Titles. You can check out our work here.

Here at Sleeky, we create and develop high impact websites in line with our clients’ exact requirements.

Listening carefully to your requirements at every stage of the production process, we specialise in creating websites that are not only SEO friendly and responsive, but are also aesthetically pleasing.

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