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The Importance Of Local SEO

22nd May 2019
2 minute read

As a business providing a local service it is crucial to improve your SEO in order to target the customers that will help your business grow. Increasing your online presence within your local area will drive traffic to your website, send more customers through your door and ultimately increase revenue.


Why is Local SEO important?


With our increasing reliance on technology, it is becoming more crucial for businesses to build an online presence with 71% of people admitting to looking online for a local business according to Social Media Today. The number of customers physically walking through your door is becoming increasingly dependent on your search engine rankings. Ensuring you are consistent, clear and reliable both online and in-store will increase the likelihood of customers investing their time and money with your business.


Improving your SEO:


Research your keywords:

When planning your SEO strategy, it is vital to include keywords that not only mention your targeted area but include a variation in phrases to ensure you’re maximising the potential of your online presence. For local businesses especially, it may be worth using terms that include the greater area in order to increase your catchment area and consider those who would be willing to travel. Researching keywords is an essential step in the process of SEO in order to discover which terms will be the most impactful. It is worth finding out whether, for example, North East or Newcastle has the lowest competition and the highest search volume for your business. Newcastle UXL, in particular, demonstrate how adapting keywords according to your location can increase traffic.


Google Business:

Google Business is a free marketing tool which will improve both your businesses accessibility and visibility. According to Google, 50% of mobile users will visit a local business on the same day as searching for it. The convenience of Google Business makes this all the more likely as customers are directed to your address, contact information and website in one click. The more optimised your business is, the more likely it’ll be displayed in the three pack listing provided by Google meaning your business will be seen first by your target audience.


NAP (Name, Address, Phone):

Consistency is key with your business NAP in order to rank well on search engines. Google cross-reference your details across different platforms and any discrepancies could mean you’ll fall lower in the search engine ranks or not be displayed at all. Co-ordinating your business details mean that Google will be able to validate you as a legitimate business and allow you to attract more consumers.   


Title and Meta Descriptions

Titles and Meta Descriptions are your businesses first online impression for many customers. With a convincing and captivating few sentences which include keywords relative to your local area, you’re more likely to achieve a higher click-through rate.


Final Thoughts

As local competition grows, it is becoming more imperative for businesses to increase their online visibility in order to maximise their performance. According to Google four out of five consumers conduct local searches using search engines. Your average brick and mortar store is now becoming more reliant on online success and local SEO allows them to target the customers who will help their business continue to go from strength to strength.


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