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the importance of content on your website

19th July 2018
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With every company, the goal is all about creating a website which stands out from the crowd, whether this is the design, content or user experience. Original content is the main asset to improving your SEO rankings, creating access for a wider audience. Everyone wants to have their own unique representation within the industry which they are in. But what is it that really makes you stand out from your competitors online? Google’s aim is to “Organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Therefore you have to help Google to understand your content, making sure it has use and relevance to their audience.

Original Content

There are millions of sites in each industry so creating your own original content is extremely important when creating your website. Constantly updating and developing content is one of the key ingredients for higher rankings on search engines such as Google. If you are to Ctrl+C… Google will punish you and you will have an issue!

Updated Content

Though updated content isn’t necessary, it can help with improving your rankings. Without updated content, there is a possibility you can be ‘left behind’ so to speak. Google will give improved rankings if you consistency update the information on your site with relevant and original content. This maybe on the pages on your site or more likely an active Blog. A blog can create a personality for your website and create original content which drives traffic to your website and improves SEO.


For Google to rank your content it must understand your target market. This is where the relevance of keywords comes in… But what are they? Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines. There are keywords which get millions of searches a day and some which have barely none. Keywords on your website make it possible for your audience to find your website amongst the millions out there. You have to include keywords in a non-spammy way or this can be counterproductive or lead to punishment or even being banned – if you use them smartly on your website, Google will rank your content.

We have recently been working with Thai Massage Newcastle – Phuket Island who specialise in Traditional Thai Massages. Their site has a slick design with a colour scheme tied into their logo and general theme. But what is it that helps them stand out? We have incorporated original content and keyword text tailored to improve their SEO. As the saying goes ‘quality over quantity’ which couldn’t be more relevant in this case.


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