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The Benefits of Video Marketing

Chloe Grimmer
15th July 2022
3 minute read

In 2022, viral videos dominate social media across all subgenres – from entertainment to advertisement, and everything in between.  

It’s clear that in the digital age, your brand’s best chance at garnering higher levels of exposure is through video formatting. It’s the primary way to communicate all of the essentials about your business in a succinct and engaging manner, which is partially why videos are so prevalent as a form of commercial property on social media. To learn more, read on as we break down the multiple benefits of video marketing for brands across all industries and trades.


A Brief Overview

Utilising video marketing to encourage client pool growth is an undeniably efficacious advertising tactic, from optimising the website users experience to heightening brand visibility; there’s a lot to say for embracing this captivating, quick-form way of producing content. If you’re looking to learn more about the pivotal role videos play in digitised marketing, check out Socialfix’s in-depth listicle of the topic here. 

Until then, we will break down how Video Marketing effects the following:

  • Website Traffic
  • SEO
  • Brand Image
  • Accessibility and Interactivity

Videos Increase Website Traffic

Perhaps one of the most pertinent advantages to learning to effectively utilise video advertisement is that it has been proven to increase website traffic exponentially, especially if done correctly. The quick and efficient soundbites of information that explain the services your business is offering, coupled with the ever-present shot at virality, means that people are far more likely to interact with your content if it is presented in this format.

Improve Search Engine Optimisation 

Videos are super attractive to search engine’s and what they typically look to boost – and  including them in your company’s marketing method almost always leads to increased brand exposure because of it. Considering that the algorithm’s general goal is to promote content that the public likes to engage with, it’s no surprise that video formatting is a prevalent aspect of great SEO. Building off of that by uploading the video to youtube serves as a reliable way to double your brand’s chances at increasing visibility, as it is the second most popular search engine after Google.

Videos Make Your Brand Personable 

A heavily underrated benefit behind creating videos as a consistent part of your business’s digital presence, is that it gives your team the chance to connect with their key demographic in an unprecedented way. There is nothing customers love more than getting to know the people behind the professional veneer. Video formatting is a solid way to attract customers through authenticity and genuine personality – whether it’s via participating in the latest viral soundbite, or telling a funny anecdote

The Promotion of Website Accessibility

An incredibly important aspect of visual and video-centred media is the fact that it increases general accessibility to your services for a wide range of audiences – maximising the amount of potential clientele for your brand overall. The option to include closed captioning on videos is just one example of how this advertising format can aid numerous demographics while they are interacting with your website. It is vital that these accessibility features are not overlooked by marketers and working professionals alike in order to promote equity and positive public relations.


The Wrap Up

Overall, video marketing makes for a great alternative to your standard imagery, graphics and text, adding depth and making your website and marketing channels that little bit more interesting. For further marketing information or project enquiries, contact us!

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