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The Benefits of Digital Transformation in Modern Marketing

Ben Kershaw
14th July 2022
3 minute read

Digital transformation is the process of integration of digital technology to your business, changing the way you market, operate and deliver your service to customers. This can be a huge change for those who are inexperienced, can take a lot of time and effort, and can still result in failure. But is Digital Transformation worth it?

Had this blog have been written in 2 years ago, the answer would be a resounding yes. The pandemic made online business sky rocket in terms of profitability, providing a huge amount of growth and investment into digital marketing, web design and technology as a whole. eCommerce overtook physical retail for the lockdown period and many became used to the online alternatives to spending their cash. Having not yet fully recovered from these restrictions, and digital business still being the go-to for many, its highly recommended that businesses undergo digital transformation if they haven’t already! Still not convinced? Here are just a few of the benefits to gaining an online presence for your company:


Customer Support/Experience

Improving customer experience should be at the at the forefront of your digital transformation, even if you’re not a retailer or eCommerce site. Having some kind of online presence means you are keeping your services active 24/7 and accessible anywhere, really integrating your business into the customers daily life. If you consider things like banking, it could be said that the majority of people’s money management is done online or by mobile app now as opposed to in person, this is largely due to convenience and ease of use.

Being active in the digital world enables easier communication between yourself and the customers, providing a better, more responsive support system and improving your relationships. Things like chatbots and AI are a great way to keep your support systems available 24 hours, which are otherwise impossible without some kind of website etc. You are also able to better tailor your service to your customer base by gathering data and analysing trends in your market.


Visibility and Partnerships

As mentioned at the beginning, a couple years ago the majority of business took the leap to online retail, meaning the potential for partnerships can be much greater. The widespread availability of the internet means you can easily communicate with businesses across the world and organise things like joint ventures and share your customer base with others.

This online visibility goes a step further when you consider the sheer amount of people that use the internet every day, meaning you could drastically increase your potential customer base very easily. Effective use of marketing channels like social media along with an up to date website can be the key to growth.

If we take a business like Bentinck Apartments for example. They have been around for a long time but may not have had the best online presence, giving competitors the edge when it comes to discovery. Having an up-to-date website, acting as a hub for all their images, info and sales, helps to build credibility on a bigger scale and get seen by potential customers all around the world.

Innovative Platform

In recent years, the investment into the digital industry has allowed for continuous development and innovation. Agility is the key to keeping up with adaptations, this can stimulate huge growth in your business. Keeping creative and aiming to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to developments and new ideas will help your growth massively. Having an online presence already greatly increases your agility and ability to change around the latest trends and profitable strategies, being stuck in a linear, physical alternative can really limit your capabilities.


The Wrap Up

Going digital isn’t exactly a do or die thing, but it would certainly give your business a profitable boost. There are plenty of other opportunities and benefits to going online, get in touch for a chat!

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