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The Anatomy Of The Perfect Sales Page

29th August 2018
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You have a perfect and beautifully designed website and yet you are wondering why it is not converting as it should be. Well, it is probably because some elements of your website are not persuasive enough – the website either does not have the right features to keep the visitors interested in reading or it is simply not convincing enough so you cannot get the visitors to make a purchase, register for trial or whatever conversion goals you’ve set.



Great content

Great content is what always comes first. Your content needs to be well-targeted and it can only be done if you know your target audience. Content should describe your service in just enough detail but too much content can drive away your visitors – nobody likes text-heavy pages with too much information.


The headline should be a short and effective summary of what you offer and how you can help your customers. It is one of the first things your visitors will notice and that is why it is the most important element of a sales page.

Social proof

Social proof is what your visitors will look for next. This is where customer testimonials or case studies will help. Knowing that there are other happy customers will add value to your sales page and help you gain trust with potential customers. Linking social media accounts to your website is another way to add social proof to your sales page so don’t forget to do that!

Call to action

Well-distributed call to action buttons help you show your visitors how to learn more about your services and they drive them towards a conversion. So, think carefully where you place  ‘register’, ‘sign up’ or ‘get in touch’ buttons. Make them stand out and of course make sure your visitors can find them easily.

A great offer

Finally, in order for this all to work, you need a great offer. Explain why they should use your services, convince them that your product is just what they need. But be honest – you are better off with a few happy customers than with tons of unhappy ones!


So, if you want to use your website to increase your sales, follow the above tips and you’ll get there. An example of a website with a perfect sales page, especially in terms of content, headline and call to action buttons is Connect Insolvency Ltd, a firm of liquidators and insolvency practitioners based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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