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Social Media & Your Website

8th January 2021
3 minute read

With all that’s going on in the world, it’s clear that your online presence has never been more important, and how does that effect you exactly? Well, your website of course.

Whatever channel you’re using online to market and advertise, it’s important that it all leads back to one single point. This helps you to really control your users experience, remove any other distractions, keep them engaged and most importantly – make sure that their experience with your brand is a positive one!

But we’re not going to talk about the ins and outs of the design of your website today. No, we’re going to look at integrating the other large part of any online marketing, your social media.

I can already feel some of you rolling your eyes at me. Yes, it can be tedious and yes, it can be frustrating, but I promise you, it’s important.

Which Platform Should I Integrate?

Some brands lend themselves to social media integration. For example if you’re brand is focussed on strong imagery, why not add in a nicely styled Instagram section at the bottom of your page like Atlas Band Touring?

Adding a section like this is a really easy way of strengthening your rapport and gaining trust with your consumers. It shows them that you’re active, interested and of course, that you’re real.

If your brand isn’t very visual (let’s say you’re a news journalist), then maybe Instagram isn’t the platform you want to focus on, but rather, adding a live Twitter feed to your website where people can keep up with your writing may be something that’s more for you.

Which ever platform (or platforms!) you decide to focus on, it’s important that you are active. Showcasing an inactive social media may do you more harm than good, as consumers may look at this and assume you are no longer trading. Nightmare!

How Will This Help Me?

Now you’ve figured out which platform you want to use and integrate, maybe you want to know how it will help you. There are numerous benefits to this. Let’s jump right in…

It Makes Your Website More Interactive

It is now 2021 (a fact that I imagine most of you are very aware of). It’s not enough to have a standard, boring landing page with a bit of text and an image.

People want to be engaged with a website. They want it to be exciting, it needs to capture their imagination. The average internet user spend 6.5 hours of their day online. That’s practically a full working day! Why not try and get people to spend a bigger portion of that time on your website?

Integrating social media in a way in which is keeps your website constantly fresh can only be a good thing. It gives people more of a reason to keep coming back!

It Encourages Conversation

As many of you will already know, people want to be able to start a conversation.

It may not necessarily be a conversation that you want to have, but how you interact with your customers is important, and how other people see you interact with your customers is even more so.

People want answers yesterday, and if someone has a question and sees you have social media on your website, it gives them an easy and efficient way of doing this.

It Expands Your Audience & Following

I’m sure many of you have gone onto a website, had a look around and thought about purchasing a product/service and then changed your mind last minute. As frustrating as this can be for many business owners, unfortunately it’s the norm.

The question that you should be asking is: how do I get them back?

Getting someone following your social media account may not seem like the most obvious course of action, but gaining that extra follower means that it’s another way to keep yourself in the back of their minds.

And how do you get them interested? Integrate this on your website!

The Takeaway

If you’re already active on social media, there’s nothing stopping you from making a song and dance about it on your website.

Whether it’s full on designed section, or it’s simply adding social media buttons to your website, whichever platform you choose, it helps to give your brand and business a more well-rounded, human appearance – you can’t go wrong!

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