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Sleeky Speciality: Flexible Layout System

Lola Connelly
29th March 2022
2 minute read

Here at Sleeky, we continue to be hugely impressed by the Flexible Layout System for building websites. Now as one of our specialities, we believe it is a game-changer when it comes to designing flexible and powerful pages with total control over.

At the end of the day, clients do not always know what content they want on their website, or what needs to be added in the future. Yet, the adaptable Flexible plugin supplied by Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) provides a simple, structured and blank canvas with an unlimited number of layouts to define and create, whenever and wherever we want. Due to the “drag and drop” feature, we are able to reorder content, text, images and the layout to anything we favour. And with over 2 million installations we can see why it is so popular.


What is the Flexible Layout System

The Flexible Layout in ACF offers many amazing features. It allows unmatched versatility in choosing multiple panel layouts, text, images, videos, and CTAs. Whether we need a form or some interesting graphics, our reliable and talented web developers will design these components before the creation of the site.

The steps following this are then extremely easy:

  • Add a new panel to page
  • Select layout to your preference
  • Add content to the panel
  • Reorder the content to fit your needs



The power of this comes from being able to re-strategies and change the layout over and over again if we wish. Most of all, because ACF has its own team of developers maintaining and managing the code, it allows our own developers to add a variety of text boxes and image uploads without having to add their own custom code to WordPress.

Here are a few examples of the websites we have built at Sleeky using the Flexible Layout System:

The Benefits

Of course, we see one of the main benefits of the Flexible Layout System is the complete control and versatility of the page layouts. Also, with no limit we can add, edit and delete as many content panels as we would like.

Here are the benefits that we have found using the Flexible Layout System:

  • Page Speed- When comparing the Flexible Layout System to a page builder, the page speed is a big deal. Due to the amount of coding required for page builders, the page speed dramatically decreases. And considering the importance of speed for SEO, it can make a huge difference towards performance.
  • Saves on project time- Page builders can take longer to produce and bring many constraints. Whereas, the Flexible Layout System can save on time. Which would be better spent making sure the website looks effective and dynamic for potential customers.
  • Change the order of content items- We are not limited to a set configuration. Due to this, we can organise the website however we like and control the sequence of items, all without having to redo the whole content type.


The Takeaway

Overall, us at Sleeky feel the Flexible Layout System is a fantastic way to take time in creating dramatic, and standout websites. If you would like to find out why your website is an extension of your brand, then click here for our latest blog.

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